Huawei E303 has been launched by almost all countries with various network providers. In this article, you will get firmware update code, software update, SIMLock unlock / NCK code (Huawei New Algo Unlock), unlocking of Huawei E303 dongle, and ‘how you can use E303 modem in Windows’, Linux, and Mac OS. From now onward only E303s unlock code will be free.

Huawei E303 Topics

  1. Unlock Code of E303
  2. How to Unlock E303?
  3. Firmware of E303
  4. Huawei E303 Drivers
  5. Huawei E303 Software
  6. E303 sub-models
  7. E303 by Network Provider
  8. E303 by Firmware Version
  9. E303 in Linux
  10. E303 in Mac
  11. E303 in Windows
  12. E303 Repair

Unlock Code of E303

As above said from now onwards there will be free codes provided for only Huawei E303s.

Unlock Huawei E303s / E303u / E303Ms

Unlock Huawei E303B / E303H / E303i / E303Bs / E303Fs

How to Unlock E303?

Huawei E303 can be unlocked with correct SIMLock code. Just change the SIM card and connect to PC with USB port. Device software will be automatically opened and will ask you for SIMlock code. Enter the correct unlock code which is provided by routerunlock. Your device will be unlocked permanently.

If your device does not ask for SIMLock code then you can use E303 unlocking tool.

Firmware of E303

If someone has got the E303 with customized firmware, can download and update the device with It is the stable firmware and works with a non-hilink dongle. You can also try out different new firmware of E303.

Huawei E303 Drivers

Drivers are an essential part of any device. You can download the latest drivers of E303.

Huawei E303 Software

You can download the latest Huawei mobile partner for your Huawei E303. It is supported up to Windows 10.

Sub-Models of E303 Data-Card

  1. E303
  2. E303s
  3. E303s-1
  4. E303s-2
  5. E303s-3
  6. E303s-5
  7. E303s-6
  8. E303s-65
  9. E303Cs-6
  10. E303Ms
  11. E303Ms-1
  12. E303Ms-2
  13. E303Ds
  14. E303Ds-1
  15. E303u-6
  16. E303u-1
  17. E303u-2
  18. E303Fs
  19. E303Fs-1
  20. E303Fs-3
  21. E303Bs-1
  22. E303H
  23. E303 HiLink
  24. E303s-1 Hi-Link
  25. HiLink E303s-65
  26. HiLink E303s-2
  27. HiLink E303s-1
  28. E303s Hi Link
  29. E303u

E303 by Network and Country

  1. Afghanistan Etisalat
  2. Afghanistan MTN
  3. Albania AMC
  4. American Five Countries Claro
  5. Argentina Personal
  6. Argentina Telecom
  7. Austria Yess
  8. Azerbaijan Azerfon
  9. Bahrain Zain
  10. Belorussia Life(BeST)
  11. Belorussia Volcom
  12. Bolivia Entel
  13. Bolivia Nuevatel
  14. Bolivia Tigo
  15. Bosnia&Herzegovina BH Telekom
  16. Brazil Nisalux
  17. Brazil VIVO
  18. Bulgaria Vivacom
  19. Burkina Faso Telecel
  20. Cambodia channel
  21. Cameroon MTN
  22. Chile Entel PCS
  23. Colombia UNE
  24. Costa Rica Comtel
  25. Cote D’Ivoire
  26. Croatia Vipnet
  27. Danmark Brightpoint
  28. Ecuador CNT
  29. Ecuador Porta Claro
  30. Egypt Vodafone
  31. Esthonia Elisa
  32. Germany 2020
  33. Germany E-PLUS
  34. Ghana Globacom
  35. Ghana MTN
  36. Guatemala Tigo
  37. Guinea Areeba
  38. Hungary Telenor
  39. India Idea
  40. India Open market
  41. Indonesia Indosat
  42. Indonesia Telkomsel
  43. Italy Ingram Micro
  44. Italy Wind
  45. Italy H3G
  46. Jamaica Digicel
  47. Jordan Umniah
  48. Kenya Safaricom
  49. Kenya Yu
  50. Kenya Orange
  51. Kirghizia Sky Mobile
  52. Laos Unitel
  53. Liberia Lonestar
  54. Lithuania Tele2
  55. Mexico Telcel
  56. Moldova Orange
  57. Mongolia ANEW
  58. Morocco Maroc Telecom
  59. Morocco Meditel
  60. New Guinea Digicel
  61. Nigeria Etisalat
  62. Nigeria Glo
  63. Panama Claro
  64. Paraguay Personal
  65. Paraguay Tigo
  66. Peru Movistar
  67. Peru Nextel
  68. Philippine GlobeTelecom
  69. Russia AKOS
  70. Russia Open Market
  71. Salvador Tigo
  72. Seychelles Cables&Wireless
  73. Singapore MobileOne
  74. Slovakia Telefonica
  75. Slovakia TelefonicaO2
  76. Spain TME
  77. Sri Lanka Airtel
  78. Sri Lanka Dialog Telekom
  79. Sudan Zain
  80. Taiwan SENAO
  81. Tajikistan TTmobile
  82. Tanzania Tigo
  83. Tanzania Vodacom
  84. Tanzania Zantel
  85. Thailand D plus
  86. Thailand TTDG
  87. Uganda MTN
  88. United Kingdom EE
  89. UK H3G
  90. Vietnam Mobifon
  91. Vietnam Mobifone
  92. Vietnam Mobiphone
  93. Vietnam Vinaphone
  94. USA Cricket
  95. Zambia MTN

E303 firmware versions

  1. (Claro Brazil)
  3. (Vivo Brazil)
  4. (Movistar Argentine)
  5. (True Thailand)
  6. (Slovenia OpenMarket)
  7. Swisscom (Switzerland)
  8. (MTN Congo)
  9. (Mali Sotelma)
  10. (Mobilkom Austria)
  11. (Tele2 Kazakhstan)
  12. AKOS (Rostelecom Russia)
  13. (BH Telecom Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  14. (Tigo Tanzania)
  15. (Tigo Congo)
  16. (Moldtelecom Moldova)
  17. (Jordan Zain)
  18. (India Aircel)
  19. (Azerfon Ayzerbaydzhan)
  20. (LEO Burundi)
  21. (Azerfon Ayzerbaydzhan)
  22. (Safaricom Kenya)
  23. (Umniah Jordan)
  24. (Vipnet Croatia)
  25. (Telenor Montenegro)
  26. (TelefonicaO2 Slovakia)
  27. (Hormuud Somalia)
  28. (Wataniya Maldives)
  29. (GP Bangladesh)
  30. (Jazztel Spain)
  31. (Fastweb Italy)
  32. (PepePhone Spain)
  34. (Digicel Papua New Guinea)
  35. (UMobile Malaysia)
  36. (2020 Germany)
  37. (Vodacom Tanzania)
  38. (Claro Ecuador)
  39. (Claro Peru)
  40. (ArgentinaTelecom)
  41. (Globacom Nigeria)
  42. (Mobifone Vietnam)
  43. (Etisalat Nigeria)
  44. (STC Bahrain)
  45. (Open Market)
  46. (AIS TOT Thailand)
  47. (Mobinil Egypt)
  48. (Geocell Georgia)
  49. (Claro Uruguay)

E303 in Linux

Installing of E303 drivers in Linux Fedora OS is easy. After installation of E303 drivers in Fedora OS, you can easily configure a dial-up connection in Fedora Linux operating system to use your Huawei E303 data card. If you are using customized dashboard in Hi-link E303 modem then you can update your modem with un-customized Huawei E303 Hi Link Web UI

E303 in Mac

If you are MAC OS user then you should use Huawei data card client software MACV200R003B015D02SP01C983 for Mac OS 10.9.

E303 in Windows

For normal Huawei modem (Not Hi-Link) you can use mobile partner with WiFi facility in Windows operating system. If you are preferring Voice and Video calls in your E303 then you must download latest Huawei mobile partner software version

You can also download Huawei mobile partner V23. free with WiFi facility to share your modem using PC Wi-Fi with another device.

If you are a fan of Vodafone, then you can update your dongle with Vodafone mobile broadband software which supports Windows, Mac as well as Linux also.

Sharing of E303 internet is also possible. If you have more than one device which is Wi-Fi enabled. Then, you don’t need to purchase another dongle. You can use your Huawei E303 as Wi-Fi dongle.

While you can use any dashboard in your dongle, but you should be aware that you are using the latest Huawei drivers compatible your operating system.

While you will enable the Wi-Fi services on your device, then chances are there to steal your data by your neighbors. Hence, you need a critical eye on your friends using Wireless Network Watcher.

Repair E303

If someone has half dead E303 Huawei dongle, it can also be repaired.


  1. please !!!!

    MODEL: E303C
    IMEI: 867360016557191
    Country: brazil
    Network: vivo

    MODEL: E303C
    IMEI: 867360016586919
    Country: brazil
    Network: vivo

    MODEL: E303C
    IMEI: 869127014108766
    Country: brazil
    Network: vivo

    MODEL: E303C
    IMEI: 867360016736001
    Country: brazil
    Network: vivo

    MODEL: E303C
    IMEI: 867360016557191
    Country: brazil
    Network: vivo

    MODEL: E303C
    IMEI: 869127015569511
    Country: brazil
    Network: vivo

    MODEL: E303C
    IMEI: 867360016583270
    Country: brazil
    Network: vivo

    MODEL: E303C
    IMEI: 867360016557191
    Country: brazil
    Network: vivo

    MODEL: E303C
    IMEI: 869127015569693
    Country: brazil
    Network: vivo

  2. Interface :
    Found modem : E303
    Model : Huawei E303 HiLink
    IMEI : 866452010615504
    Serial NR. : E9PBYA9272353686

  3. E303
    IMEI: 866452012903155
    IMSI: 602022118264154
    إصدار المعدات: CH2E303SM
    إصدار البرنامج:
    إصدار واجهة المستخدم لصفحات الويب:

  4. model – Huawei E303

    Interface :
    Found modem : E303
    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 862565029055133
    Serial NR. : D8G7S14711009418
    Firmware : 22.318.23.00.00
    Hardware ver. : CH1E3531SM
    Web UI version :

  5. unlock code please
    Nom du périph. : E303
    IMEI: 868988013017469
    N°IMSI: 604000830600403
    Numéro de série : U9CBYA92B2829238
    Pays : Maroc Telecom

  6. Software version:
    Hardware version: CH2E353SM
    Web UI version:
    Device name: E353
    IMEI: 869727000286631
    IMSI : 240020005674586
    Serial number: B8B5TA1212101450
    My number: Unknown

  7. Device
    Device name: E303B
    Application port: COM4
    Serial number: X3VBYA93B2945340
    IMEI: 860530010848211
    Device version: CH2E303SM
    Firmware version:
    Program version:

    SIM / USIM
    Private number (MSISDN): unknown
    SIM / USIM messages: unknown
    Names in SIM / USIM: 0/200
    Central message number: unknown
    PIN Status: Ready

    Network status
    Network name: unknown
    RSSI: -73dBm
    Cellular ID: unknown
    CS Network Registration: Registration denied
    PS Network Registration: Registration is denied
    PS network attachment: not supplied

    network setting
    APN: internet
    Network selection mode: automatic

  8. NAME: E303
    Application Port: COM16
    S/N: D8G7S15321002973
    IMEI: 866168023542812
    Hardware Version: CH1E3531SM
    Firmware Version: 21.318.25.00.787
    Software Version:

  9. Hi, Ahmed from Sudan, we don’t have Visa or Paybal or any of these, i’d like free unlock please!
    Model: Huawei E303b
    IMEI: 865030010540768
    Country: Sudan
    Network: ZAIN

  10. Interface :
    Found modem : E303
    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 865994013272305
    Serial NR. : E9PBYA9351716226
    Firmware :
    Hardware ver. : CH2E303SM
    Web UI version :
    SIM Lock status : Locked (CardLock)
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

    help me please how to unloked

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