I have previously shared with you Huawei mobile partner with voice call, USSD and some other features in this article, which was not available in the default latest unbranded Huawei Mobile Partner software version The unlocking team has enabled the video call feature in latest Huawei Mobile Partner software version and which is now available for download, which download link is provided at the end of he article. By default in latest version of Huawei Mobile Partner software version there is no video call plugins is available and 3G and 4G Huawei modem users was not able to do video call. Now users who want to make a video call from his modems can now enjoy video call.

Instruction to use latest Huawei Mobile Partner software version with video call :

  1. Just go ahead at the end of the article and download latest Huawei Mobile Partner software version with video call feature.
  2. Now unzip the downloaded software using WinRar / WinZip in a folder.
  3. Now disconnect the internet and close the default software.
  4. Now run unzipped software (Huawei Mobile Partner with video call.exe) and your modem will be updated with Huawei Mobile Partner with video call facility.
  5. Now install Huawei Mobile Partner software from modem and enjoy voice call as well as video call feature.
You can use Huawei Mobile Partner with video call and voice call in any model of Huawei modems. 
If any body have any problem just leave comment, i will provide support to you.
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Download Huawei Mobile Partner with video call


  1. Hello,
    I just bought this model Huawei E3372 4G LTE and it’s using Mobile Partner version
    Will the procedure you describe work with my modem? And will the 4G feature still be working?

  2. You mean the feature of using 4G network? Yes, that is a 4G modem and with current Mobile Partner version that comes with it it works with 4G. But I’m missing that voice call feature. I just hope that after going through the above steps the 4G will still be accessible.

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