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Unlocking your phone, tablet, modem, or router by code is a quick and permanent remote service that allows you to use it with any network provider in any country worldwide without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Even phone manufacturers and network providers themselves recommend this method!

At routerunlock.com, we offer the lowest prices for phone unlocking services worldwide. Our team uses manufacturer-recommended methods, ensuring a simple, quick, secure, and legal unlocking process that does not affect your device’s integrity. By unlocking your phone with our code, you can use it with any network provider from anywhere in the world. We’ve already unlocked over 100,000 devices, making us a trusted choice for unlocking services.

At routerunlock.com, we value our customers’ trust and take pride in providing reliable and efficient unlocking services. We have years of experience in the industry, and our team of experts uses only the recommended methods to unlock your device. Additionally, we offer a money-back guarantee if we cannot unlock your phone. Our customer reviews, and testimonials speak for themselves. Trust us to unlock your phone and enjoy the freedom of using it with any network worldwide.

The unlocking time is based on several factors, including the phone model, country, and the network to which it is locked. The exact time required for unlocking will be mentioned on the product page when you proceed with payment. At Routerunlock.com, we use an automated system that reduces the unlocking time to a minimum.

After placing an order on routerunlock.com, you will receive the unlock code via email within the specified time frame indicated on the product page. Our automated system ensures fast delivery of your unlock code.

The price of unlocking a phone depends on several factors, such as the phone model, country, and network it is locked to. The exact price will be displayed on the product page when you proceed with payment. At Routerunlock.com, we offer the lowest unlocking prices around the world.

Yes, at routerunlock.com, we can unlock blacklisted phones as well. However, it’s important to note that unlocking only removes the network blockade and not the blacklist status. We follow the recommended method of unlocking by IMEI to ensure a secure and reliable service.

Routerunlock.com unlocks phones using codes based on the phone’s unique IMEI number. This is the recommended method for unlocking phones by the manufacturer, and it does not interfere with your phone in any way. By unlocking your phone through this method, you will not lose your phone’s warranty.

At Routerunlock.com, we offer a 100% refund within one week if we cannot find an unlock code for your device in our database.

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