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Mobile Partner with WiFi Facility Free download

I keep providing unlocking solutions for various types of modems like Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel, Novatel, Micromax, Teracom, Airtel, Vodafone, Glo, Idea, Tata Docomo, etc. I also try to provide you the latest software, as the latest software comes with various old bugs fixed on it. Recently I had provided the latest version of Huawei Mobile Partner But, I missed one feature which was not available in the latest Huawei Mobile Partner is the WiFi option. I use an Aircel modem, and it comes with WiFi features. After installing the Huawei Mobile Partner, I could not use WiFi Features in Aircel Huawei E1750C. So, after a big struggle, today, I have enabled the WiFi features in Huawei Mobile Partner 

Various users were getting problems creating setup files for their modem, so I have created a setup file that can be directly uploaded to the PC without storing it on the PC. There is no more wasting of time in storing in PC in a safe location. Just go ahead download Mobile Partner with WiFi Facility available and disconnect from the internet. Close the default dashboard of your modem and run the downloaded setup file. Mobile Partner with WiFi will directly install on your modem. Now install it on the PC and enjoy the WiFi facility of your modem.

Huawei Mobile Partner with WiFi Facility

Two options are available Auto Mode and Manual Mode. After creating the profile, if you want to connect to the internet automatically every time, then put in Auto Mode. As and when you will start your PC, it will automatically connect to the internet.

Update: It might not come on a Windows XP computer.


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