I keep providing unlocking solution of various types of modems like Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel, Novatel, Micromax, Teracom, Airtel, Vodafone, Glo, Idea, Tata Docomo etc. I also try to provide you the latest software, as the latest software comes with various old bugs fixed on it. Recently I had provided the latest version Huawei Mobile Partner But, I missed one feature which was not available in the latest Huawei Mobile Partner is WiFi option. I use Aircel modem and it comes with WiFi features. After installing the Huawei Mobile Partner I was unable to use WiFi Features of Aircel Huawei E1750C. So, after a big struggle, today I have enabled the WiFi features in Huawei Mobile Partner 
Various users was getting problems to create setup file for his modem, so I have created setup file which can be directly uploaded in the PC without storing in PC. There is no more wasting of time in storing in PC in safe location. Just go ahead download Mobile Partner with WiFi Facility available and disconnect from the internet. Close the default dashboard of your modem and run the downloaded setup file. Mobile Partner with WiFi will directly installed in your modem. Now install it in PC and enjoy WiFi facility of your modem.

Huawei Mobile Partner with WiFi Facility

There is two options are available Auto Mode and Manual Mode. After creating the profile if you want to connect to the internet automatically every time then put in Auto Mode. As and when you will start your PC it will automatically connect to the internet.

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Download Huawei Mobile Partner with WiFi Facility


  1. sir,

    I am using airtel 3g deta card e173bu1. I have Instlled mobile partner and it is working proparly with any sim but not working in wifi ruter. my wifi ruter saporting it also working with idea or airtel but not works with bsnl. please help what you know. please,please

    • Instructions will be available in official website, where you are getting actual problem. However, I have checked in Lava website, i could not find any firmware for this model.

  2. कमलेश जी मोबाइल पार्टनर या कोई अन्य सॉफ्टवेयर ऑटो APN लेता है तो BSNL का नेटवर्क BSNL NORTH का APN ले लेता है जबकि काम करने वाला APN है BSNLNET है. wifi रूटर detacard के सॉफ्टवेयर से ऑटो APN लेते समय bsnlnet की जगह bsnl north ले लेता है . detacard के सॉफ्टवेयर में ही bsnlnet सेट कैसे किया जा सकता है कृपया सहायता करें , बड़ी कृपा होगी.

  3. Hello, I’ve succesfully unlocked my modem and installed Mobile Partner,bt nw i want tat old airtel software in ma dongle…can you help me plzzz….how can i uninstall mobile partner from my dongle ???

  4. Kamlesh – When i was doing this, my dongle hanged and its not working now. When i connect to laptop Green light turns on and no activity after that please help me on this.

  5. hi
    thanks for given links for mobile partner.i successfully done mobile partner,after downloading even its remove the huwei e 173 modem software which was by orange network in uganda.
    but now problem is that there is no calling option or dialing option…as we do recharge on daily basis…
    i saw updates of this software for uganda so download but when when im trying to update its asking for password which i dont know…so please help me out

  6. hi
    i updated my oranges modem e173 with ur mobile partner with wifi,but it do
    thanksnt have calling option as we do recharge evryday not like india.
    now when i try to update with uganda version ,its asking password so i dont understand..so pls help me out

  7. now how can i get back my orange modem e 173 software,coz i already unlocked it,but airtel mobile partner was not available so i get stuck

  8. Hi Kamlesh
    I am not getting correct software to unlock Phton Max(Huawei EC306 EVDO). please provide me link where to download it and steps links.


  9. Hi Kamlesh,

    When I click the mentioned link for your given webpage.

    It says no file: with error message.

    Ooops… Error 404
    Sorry, but the page you are looking for doesn’t exist.

  10. Should this technique work on Huawei EC1260-2 with PTCL evo? i.e., Pakistan telecom Ltd.? I tried it fails to detect data card. No MEID, Just ESN and S/N on device and MDN.

  11. Please my huawei modem e303 was changed to hilink firmware, i tried installing it after it has prompt me to run installation but its not responding. Here is my imei: 861195004009615.


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