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  1. I ordered an unlock code for ZTE Z839 24hrs ago and i just saw the message in my inbox right and and i input the CODE to my phone and i saw Code Accepted on the screen of the phone, so i waited for some minutes and the sim wasn’t activating, so i hard restart the phone and i got a the same message on my screen that input Unlock code again. Then i hard reset the phone and that same thing came out. So i will like to ask you for assistance on how i can unlock my device because my phone problem is not yet solved
    This is the details of my ORDER
    Dear Customer:

    The code for your mobile phone IMEI : 864668033958843 has been successfully calculated.

    Service: ZTE Factory Code (All Models) – [1-24hrs] IMEI: 864668033958843 CODE: 09378566 Order ID: 10283

    Instructions: You can find at or you can email me.

    Once you have successfully unlocked your device, you are requested to write a review at

    Thanks again, Unlock Store

    Unlock Blog

  2. I give up now, i tried all my best and i am not able to solve it with your method bro. My customer is now angry of me and saying i have taken his money to spend it for free. If you can refund me fine then i will return his money and his problem phone to him.

  3. Hello, I am new here ; so I have a router that I want to unlock so that can use it here in Rwanda with other IPS
    Please can help me how to unlock it. It is ZTE, Model: MF29A Router

  4. i just read your message on whats app so commenting here
    i want to unlock huawei e5573 cs-609
    hardware id as generated by software on website is = B886E-FA3E6-AE6DA-24EE7-8CCA4-43547-11BE5-D2022

  5. Unlock Airtel E5573cs-609 Huawei MiFi Router Firmware 21.329.63.00.284
    HARDWARE ID = B886E-FA3E6-AE6DA-24EE7-8CCA4-43547-11BE5-D2022

  6. Any suggestions for the B310s-518 running 21.321.03.00.110? I’ve tried to follow this [], but it fails which I assume is due to the firmware downgrade.

    My device is already unlocked, but I need to get to telnet which is disabled. I’m willing to pay for a solution.

    This site is great. Thanks for any help you might offer.

  7. I want to unlock mifi Huawei E5577s-932 (STC Saudi Arabia)

    to purchase the unlocking code i shall pay 6$ only ??

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