All of us know that while trying to change the firmware of any Huawei modem or router, the device asks for firmware code or password. Without firmware code, you can not change the firmware from one version to another.

Universal master code tool is available for free download, that lets you generate unlimited firmware code and unlock code (old models only). It is only 200KB in size but works like a charm. It is compatible with all versions of Windows including XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10.

universal-master-codeHow to Generate Firmware Code of any Huawei Modem or Router Free?

1. To generate the Huawei firmware code, download this app from the link which is provided above.

2. Go to Huawei tab and change the IMEI according to your device.

3. Click “Calculate” button.

calculate4. As you can see in the above image, it generates unlock and flash code both.

Here flash code is your deivce firmware code. Unlock code will also work, but on those devices which was released before 2012.

This tool can also generate ZTE, NEC, Lg Kg110, Nokia and Vk devices. These generate codes will not work in modern devices, so it is not for use. You can only utilize the flash code of Huawei to change the firmware.

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