Huawei Newer Modem and Router Payment (Database 3)

Order Price: 6USD

Order Huawei Unlock Code

If I have specified in the some of the posts about customized firmware, then you can make payment. You need to change the firmware, then the device can be unlocked.

Unlock code will be emailed within 5 minutes to 8 hrs. In a few cases, it may take more time. Once order placed, you can not cancel it.

Devices which are released before 2013, orders can be placed on this page.

If you are running a business, then register for a wholesale account

The Huawei modems and routers which were launched after 2013, are supported under this service. Before making payment, make sure your dongle is asking for unlock code after changing the SIM card. If your device is not asking for unlock code, then before making a payment, let me know via comments.

Order Huawei Unlock Code