There are a few exceptions in lower price, service which is mentioned below:-

Huawei B153 (If IMEI starts from 34, then don’t place the order)
Huawei B260a (Don’t pay for Orange locked device, code will not work)
Huawei B681-24 (Orange not supported)
Huawei E5172 (Don’t place the order for the E5172Cs model in Huawei E5172)
Huawei E5830 (354 series IMEI is not supported)

Huawei E583 (354 series IMEI is not supported)

Huawei E5172s-927 (354 series IMEI is not supported)



  1. IMEI…………………….868988015946392

    Kindly help me with the code. thanks

  2. IMEI…………………….868988012033848

    Kindly help me with the code. thanks

  3. IMEI of the device. 866425013288107
    Model of the device. E8278S-602
    Network of the device. TPG Singapore
    Country on which it is locked. 02 UK

  4. IMEI of the device. 357309041474473
    Model of the device. E585
    Network of the device. T-mobile australia
    Country on which it is locked. Australia

  5. My modem is Huwaei CPEB593u 91
    I can’t see the unlock tab, may be its hidden how can i get the unlock tab.
    Please help

  6. I have tried. 
    33864407 – V1
    34739844- Flash code 
    Pls help. Its 2 trials remaining.
    Huawei E5331Ws-1
    Imei: 864469010724476

  7. Is this logical to PAY 69$ to get unlock code why, I can just buy a new device which works for all operators and it will cost me in Jordan 50$.
    Hope to help me
    Huawei E5577Es-932

  8. Kindly assist with unlock code for the following details

    IMEI: 358707031791864

    Huawei B260a

    Netwrok: Zamtel, Zambia

  9. Hi Sir can get unlock code for my b660 modem I am home with kids and need to share my internet

    Modem: b660
    Network: Digicel Jamaica


  10. Hi there

    I’m trying to get unlock code for a wifi router but network provider not helping much

    Its a Huawei R205
    IMEI: 860123016728015

    and its Vodafone Ireland

    Much appreciated if you can help, thanks

  11. Hi King
    its still possible get any other solution
    Huawei E353 Hilink network three Hutchinson

    IMEI : 869727000450153

  12. Hello
    Can you provide me the unlock code for

    Modelo: B3000

    SN: S2ZDW14620001251

    IMEI: 359858050270139

    Versão do firmware: V200R001B270D25SP02C11

    Compilação do firmware: Jun 9 2017 / 08:49:06

    The Code 47198246 doesn work.


  13. Dear Sir, I am a teacher from Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar. I would like to use our hostel router but it does not work. I do not know how to repair it. Would you like to tell me how to solve. Thank you very much for your support.

    Huawei LTE CPE E5172-517
    Wifi SSID: UNE4GLTE13
    Wifi Key (WPA/WPA2): 4glte006513
    IMEI: 860651022390016
    S/N: D6E7S14531006513
    Model: E5172s-515

    (Colombia UNE)

  14. Huawei,B681
    Modem Software Version:1306.11.509.01.110
    Modem Hardware Version:WL1B681M002

  15. Hello Sir @kamlesh2011, I am a college student from philippines. im currently living in a place where there is unstable connection, and my country also has poor access to the internet. during this pandemic i cannot simply pass my requirements online where in fact we’re having an online class. im always outdated, Sir. now my father bought wifi, i think this an old modem. it is really old. it is B593s-931, he bought it for 1,500 php and even we have external antenna i cannot access to the internet knowing that it has only 1 bar of signal, sometimes no signal. can you please help me for my request to unlock my wifi because i want to try another simcard, Sir. So the model sir is B593s-931, SN is F5Y7S15107003288, IMEI is 864327021019718. thank you for your help Sir, this will help me to catch my dream, really Sir. God bless you always, Sir.

  16. Модель:
    Huawei E5220s-1
    IMEI: 869472013227385
    Country: Azerbaijan

    not working: v201 code 44062957
    not working: 63349003
    not working: 60464603

    thats 3 code not working
    Please help me

  17. Hi Kamlesh, i really admire your work and support to everyone.
    I would be grateful if you kindly assist me in getting the unlock code for my Huawei Router.

    Model : Huawei E5172Bs-925
    IMEI: 357500043740883
    Locked to: Spectranet Nigeria

    Thanks in anticipation.

  18. Buenos días. Ayuda soy de Venezuela aquí no tengo manera de hacer pagos en Dólares electrónico

    Modelo Huawei B660
    Operadora: Movilnet Venezuela

  19. Please help me with an unlock code

    Model………Huawei E5756s-2

    IMEI……….. 865143010841304

    NETWORK……….. Airtel


  20. hi
    Found modem : E5220
    Model : Huawei E5220
    IMEI : 865205022218001
    Serial NR. : E6B7S14805000578
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Jul 07 2014 12:12:29
    Hardware ver. : CH1E5220SM
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_16.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (CardLock)
    Wrong codes entered : 2 (unlock attempts left : 8)

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