I have already provided the unlocking solution of Huawei E586 (H3G Italy) WiFi MiFi router, E586 Digicel Barbados WiFi MiFiUnitel Huawei E586 (VietNam) WiFi MiFi routerHuawei O2 E586 (Ireland) WiFi pocket mobile routerSTC E586 (E586bs-2) Saudi Arabia Huawei WiFi mobile router and Unitel (Angola) E586 Huawei WiFi mobile router. You can also find the Huawei E586 WiFi MiFi modem specifications and features here.

Huawei E586 wifi router
Huawei E586 wifi router

Now I can provide the unlock code of Huawei E586 of following countries and network routers :


  1. E586 Singapore Bright Point
  2. E586 Telefonica Ireland
  3. E586Bs Chile Entel
  4. E586Bs Ireland Telefonica
  5. E586Bs Jordan Umniah
  6. E586Bs Philippines Smart
  7. E586Bs Puerto Rico Claro
  8. E586Bs Spain Telia Sonera
  9. E586Bs-2 Denmark Boston Distribution
  10. E586Bs-2 Denmark TDC
  11. E586Bs-2 Finland Sonera
  12. E586Bs-2 GCOMM Philippines
  13. E586Bs-2 Holand Capestone
  14. E586Bs-2 Meteor Ireland
  15. E586Bs-2 Norway Elkjop
  16. E586Bs-2 QuocViet Viet Nam
  17. E586Bs-2 Saudi Arabia STC
  18. E586Bs-2 Spain YOIGO
  19. E586Bs-2 Syriatel Syrian
  20. E586Bs-6 Movistar Ecuador
  21. E586Bs-6 Philippines channel
  22. E586Bs-6 Porto Rico Claro
  23. E586Bs-6 Smart Philippines
  24. E586Bs-6 Tigo Paraguay
  25. E586Ds-2 H3G United Kingdom
  26. E586Ds-2 UK H3G
  27. E586Es-2 Australia iinet
  28. E586Es-2 Livewire HongKong
  29. E586Es-2 Philippines
  30. E586Es-5 NEXTEL Mexico
  31. E586s-2 Turkey KKTcell


You can also download Firmware Update and Software Update of Huawei E586 WiFi Routers:


Download CD Content Huawei E586 (Megaphone Russia)

Download Firmware Huawei E586 21.322.07.05.209 (Megafon Russia)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E586Bs-2 WiFi Modem (Vodacom Zambia)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E586Bs-2 WiFi Modem Cell (C Zambia)

Download Dashboards Huawei E586 BrightPoint Singapore (Windows: & MAC:

Download Huawei Telefonica (Ireland) Firmware E586_21.322.08.00.116.B757.exe

Download Huawei Firmware E586_Update_21.322.07.00.00.B757.7z

Download e586-mac-BALV3R1C31Update_21.321.07.02.21.B757.zip (3 Network /Mac Version)

Download E586Update_21.321.07.02.21.B757.zip – 3 Network Windows Version

Download Firmware Update Huawei E586Es-2 (For Windows 8 and MAC Mountain Lion 10.8.2)


You can also download official Huawei WiFi partner software to connect any USB WiFi MiFi routers in PC.


During firmware upgrade / downgrade Huawei device asks for firmware code / password, which you can generate from this link.


  1. i got stc huawei e 586Bs-2 what firmware will i use to ugrade it. its already unlock baut cannot make profile for mobily or zain coz stc wont allow it. what can i do.
    Software version:21.322.08.03.76Hardware version:CH1E586MDevice name:E586

  2. i got stc huawei e 586 -2 what firmware will i use to ugrade it. its already unlock with three software version 21.321.07.02.21 IMEI : 357592046935974

  3. thanks Kumar the update success , but i install this version E586 21.322.08.03.76 (STC Saudi Arabia) , is this will unlock the device for using any other SIM ( IMEI : 357592046935974)

  4. hi router unlock please whatsapp me your account number or email hamdanne***ks@gmail.com as pay pal not aaloveing me to pay

    taimur goilkar


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