How to get correct Unlock Code of Huawei E3131 Modem? While searching the internet, you will get several persons are selling unlock codes of Huawei. Our team can provide the correct SIMLock code of your Huawei E3131 dongle.

Huawei E3131 Modem
Huawei E3131 Modem

Now I can provide the unlock code the following Huawei E3131 modems of various countries network providers:

  1. E3131As Croatia T-Mobile
  2. E3131As Montenegro T-Mobile
  3. E3131As-1 Portugal Optimus
  4. E3131As-2 Croatia T-Mobile
  5. E3131As-2 Hungary T-Mobile
  6. E3131As-2 IEW Guinea Orange
  7. E3131As-2 IEW Jordan Orange
  8. E3131As-2 IEW Kenya Orange
  9. E3131As-2 Montenegro T-Mobile
  10. E3131As-2_IEQ Jordan Orange
  11. E3131Bs-1 HiLink Azerbaijan Bakcell
  12. E3131Gs India Bharti
  13. E3131s Algeria Mobilis
  14. E3131s Australia Optus
  15. E3131s Belgium_Mobistar
  16. E3131s Bosnia and Herzegovina BH Telekom
  17. E3131s Bosnia and Herzegovina Telekom
  18. E3131s Brazil CLARO
  19. E3131s Brazil VIVO
  20. E3131s Ghana MTN
  21. E3131s Greece Wind
  22. E3131s Hungary Invitel
  23. E3131s Italy WIND
  24. E3131s Lithuanian Omnitel
  25. E3131s Morocco Telecom
  26. E3131s Nigeria Airtel
  27. E3131s Nigeria Globacom
  28. E3131s Norway Netcom
  29. E3131s Philippines Smart
  30. E3131s Poland Polkomtel
  31. E3131s Russia Vimpelcom(B2C)
  32. E3131s Serbia Telekom Srbija
  33. E3131s Singapore StarHub
  34. E3131s South Africa MTN
  35. E3131s Sri Lanka Mobitel
  36. E3131s Taiwan FET
  37. E3131s Thailand AIS(TOT)
  38. E3131s Uganda Airtel
  39. E3131s Uganda MTN
  40. E3131s-1 Azerbaijan Azercell
  41. E3131s-1 Belarus Life BeST
  42. E3131s-1 Belarus MTS
  43. E3131s-1 Denmark TDC
  44. E3131s-1 HiLink Belarus Life BeST
  45. E3131s-1 HiLink Ghana Airtel
  46. E3131s-1 HiLink Zimbabwe Econet
  47. E3131s-1 Italy WIND
  48. E3131s-1 Nigeria Globacom
  49. E3131s-1 Sri Lanka Dialog
  50. E3131s-1 Sri Lanka Mobitel
  51. E3131s-1 Uganda Airtel
  52. E3131s-1 Vietnam Mobifone
  53. E3131s-1 Zimbabwe Econet
  54. E3131s-2 Algeria Mobilis
  55. E3131s-2 Bahrain STC
  56. E3131s-2 Belgium Mobistar
  57. E3131s-2 BEW Spain Orange
  58. E3131s-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina BH Telekom
  59. E3131s-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina Telekom
  60. E3131s-2 Botswana orange
  61. E3131s-2 Colombia Emcali
  62. E3131s-2 Greece Wind
  63. E3131s-2 Croatia T-Mobile
  64. E3131s-2 Czech T-Mobile
  65. E3131s-2 Denmark Telegreenland
  66. E3131s-2 Estonia
  67. E3131s-2 Germany E-Plus
  68. E3131s-2 Greece Wind
  69. E3131s-2 HiLink Danmark telia
  70. E3131s-2 HiLink Italy Fastweb
  71. E3131s-2 HiLink Kazakhstan Tele2
  72. E3131s-2 HiLink Tunisia Tunisiana
  73. E3131s-2 Holand T-Mobile
  74. E3131s-2 Hungary Invitel
  75. E3131s-2 IEW Congo K. CCT
  76. E3131s-2 IEW Senegal Orange
  77. E3131s-2 Ireland Meteor
  78. E3131s-2 Italy Fastweb
  79. E3131s-2 Italy TIM
  80. E3131s-2 Kazakhstan Tele2
  81. E3131s-2 Kenya Orange
  82. E3131s-2 Latvia LMT
  83. E3131s-2 Lebanon Sodetel
  84. E3131s-2 Lithuania Omnitel
  85. E3131s-2 Montenegro Telenor
  86. E3131s-2 Namibia MTC
  87. E3131s-2 Norway Netcom
  88. E3131s-2 Poland
  89. E3131s-2 Poland P4 Netia
  90. E3131s-2 Poland Polkomtel
  91. E3131s-2 Poland Polsat
  92. E3131s-2 Portugal ZON
  93. E3131s-2 Russia Rostelecom
  94. E3131s-2 Russian AKOS
  95. E3131s-2 Russian Federation
  96. E3131s-2 Russian Megafon
  97. E3131s-2 Russian MTS
  98. E3131s-2 SFR France
  99. E3131s-2 Singapore
  100. E3131s-2 Singapore M1
  101. E3131s-2 Singapore MobileOne
  102. E3131s-2 Singapore Singtel
  103. E3131s-2 Singapore StarHub
  104. E3131s-2 South Africa MTN
  105. E3131s-2 Spain Carrefour Movil
  106. E3131s-2 Spain Orange
  107. E3131s-2 Sweden
  108. E3131s-2 Sweden H3G
  109. E3131s-2 Switzerland Orange
  110. E3131s-2 Thailand AIS(TOT)
  111. E3131s-2 United Kingdom T-Mobile
  112. E3131s-3 Brazil Claro
  113. E3131s-3 Philippines Smart
  114. E3131s-3 Thailand DTAC
  115. E3131s-3 Thailand TRUE(H)
  116. E3131s-6 Bolivia Tigo
  117. E3131s-6 Brazil VIVO
  118. E3131s-6 Panama C&W
  119. E3131s-6 Uruguay Antel
  120. E3131s-65 Ecuador Claro
  121. E3131s-65 HiLink Central America Claro
  122. E3131s-65 HiLink Guatemala Claro
  123. E3131s-65 HiLink El Salvador Claro
  124. E3131s-65 HiLink Honduras Claro
  125. E3131s-65 HiLink Nicaragua Claro

You can get the unlock code of any of the above model.

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  1. Hello Kamlesh,

    I can’t find where to write IMEI and model number of my Huawei modem when paying with PayPal.
    How can I do this?

  2. – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model : E3131
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI : 866715011713118
    Orange – Ivory Coast(Cote d’Ivoire)

  3. Please Help
    Model: E3131
    IMEI: 866539016363350
    Colour: Black
    From Nigeria.
    The Modem is showing MTN Uganda Instead of MTN Nigeria.

  4. Comment:
    Huawei E3131
    Imei: 862733014512647
    S/N: N8SBYA9340807939
    Glo bolt Nigeria
    you can also send me an email address of the unlock code and help me do this as soon as possible

  5. Comment:Thanks very much you are the best
    have been able to unlock it but I need the configuration for Etisalat and MTN on it..

  6. PLEASE help..
    – Model :E3131A
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :865456010711362
    -country : cameroon

  7. Hi guys my device details are:
    Network: (Orange Uganda/Africell Uganda)
    IMEI: 862571028243530
    IMSI: 641140104233192

    Please could you send me the unlock code. Thanks!

  8. RouterUnlock, please kindly help me with with a link where i can get the correct unlock code for my MTN Fastlink E303 Nigeria.
    please, kindly respond to this ASAP. You are really the best


  9. Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E153
    – Revision :11.609.16.00.225
    – Phone IMEI :356342046292328


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