I keep providing / introducing with software of different types of modems and WiFi routers. Today, I am sharing with you Huawei WiFI Mobile Partner Free for Modem and WiFi router with automatic APN Settings. You can download latest version original Huawei WiFI Mobile Partner Free for your modem and wifi router. I have already provided original dashboard connection manager for Huawei WiFi MiFi router. The best part of the latest version Huawei WiFI Mobile Partner software is, it can not works with only Huawei WiFi MiFi mobile router but it works with normal modems also.
The latest version of Huawei WiFI Mobile Partner software has a great look and works with both WiFi MiFi router and normal modem also. You may not believe so that we have provided an image of connected dashboard with normal modem which i have connected with Huawei Aircel E1750C modem.
The latest version Huawei WiFI Mobile Partner comes with SMS, Stastics, Call, Phonebook, Setting facility, Automatic APN, USSD features. To use this latest Huawei WiFI Mobile Partner just go ahead at the end of the article and download the provided software. Install it on your computer and run the installed WiFI huawei mobile partner software. Wait for modem and signal to detect by the software. To connect to the internet with latest WiFi Huawei Mobile Partner software there is no APN settings is required. To connect to the internet just click on image beside the WiFi or Click on connect button.
Just go ahead and download the latest version Huawei WiFI Mobile Partner, I am sure you will love it.
There is no extra settings is required to use this latest Huawei WiFI Mobile Partner software.

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