Netgear / Sierra has launched various hotspot / broadband devices in various countries. It basically comes locked to a particular network and one need to unlock it using MEP Unlock Code. MEP unlock code can be provided by network provider after completing the contractual period. Once you have got the MEP Unlock code for your corresponding IMEI, you can unlock it using Sierra Wireless unlocking software.

How to Unlock Sierra Wireless AirCard Mobile Broadband Devices?

Once you have got the MEP unlock code from your operator, do the following:-

1. Turn off Sierra AirCard.

2. Open battery compartment and remove battery along with simcard.

3. Replace battery and replace battery compartment lid.

4. Connect the Sierra AirCard with USB cable.

5. Plug USB another end to Windows laptop / desktop.

6. It will start installing the drivers onto your PC / laptop (if it is the first time plugging the device to PC / laptop).

7. Wait until Windows has completed detecting the device.

8. Run Sierra MEP Unlocking software and enter the MEP unlock code when prompted and hit Continue.

9. Once Sierra Wireless is unlocked successfully, disconnect USB cable.

10. Open battery compartment again and plug the new simcard which you want to use.

11. Replace battery compartment lid.

12. Connect the Sierra Wireless to PC using USB cable.

13. Browse for

14. Login into the Sierra Wireless.

15. Create profile through Advanced Settings.

Now you are ready to connect to the interent.

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