If you are using a LAN port router, then you can reset the admin password using Huawei Gateway R Assist freeware tool. But, the devices which come with USB port, you can find a reset button under the cover.

In resetting the password of Huawei E5573 WiFi MiFi router there is no additional tool is required, as it comes with a reset button. You can reset the default admin password of E5573, E5575, E586, E5577 etc using this guide.

How to Reset the Password of Huawei E5573 WiFi Mobile Router?

1. Switch ON Huawei E5573 MiFi WiFi router.

2. Open the back side cover of your Huawei E5573 MiFi router.

3. Now you will find the Reset button beside the power key of your Huawei router as you can see in the above screenshot.

4. Now using a pin or with the help of any another thing, press and hold the Reset button for eight (8) seconds.

5. Now your Huawei E5573 MiFi router will be automatically restarted.

6. Now your Huawei E5573 MiFi router password is resetted to its default state, might be admin or password.

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  1. i cannot reset my wifi device E5573 . i press for 8 seconds . but its lights are blinking both lights signals and battery lights are blinking Plz help me for reset my device . i forgot username and password plzz help me

  2. I need help resetting my mifi both indicators just keep flicking on and off I’ve done it for 10sec and 15sec but nothing is changed I need help please from Nigeria morning

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