Huawei has released new MiFi hotspot router dubbed as E5573. It is available in the U.K. and other countries locked to a particular network.

As you might already aware that without unlocking, you can not use any another carrier SIM. Unlocking is one-time work and after unlocking the Huawei E5573 4G mobile WiFi router, you are free to use any SIM.

How long we need to wait for a Huawei unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for a Huawei unlock code is 1 to 10 days.

The average response time for a Huawei unlock code is 2 days (based on last 100 orders).

How to Unlock Huawei E5573 4G Mobile WiFi Router to Use Another SIM?

1. Make sure your Huawei E5573 Mobile WiFi Router is fully charged.

2. Just insert a nonacceptable Network sim card on your Huawei E5573 WiFi router. (You have to use another network provider sim, which is currently locked to).

3. After changing another network providers sim on your Huawei WiFi / MiFi, switch on it. It will display “Invalid SIM” because you have used another network providers sim.

4. Now just establish a WiFi connection to Huawei E5573 gateway with your PC / IPAD / iPhone / Android smartphone.

5. Connect your device to PC and login to the device’s dashboard and go to Advanced Settings – SIM Settings – Unlock Device – Enter Unlock Code – Click on Apply.


Open up E5573 router Settings – Dial-up – Unlock SIM card – Enter 8 digits unlock code. Click OK and the device will reboot to display the new network.

Now your Huawei E5573 Mobile WiFi Router is unlocked forever.

Note: Don’t try to insert any free codes into your Huawei E5573, otherwise it will be locked permanently. Unlock code of E5573 can be generated by IMEI but it will be costly. So, we have mentioned some process in which you need to change the firmware with universal firmware then only SIMlock can be generated. Furthermore, unlocking process is different for submodels of E5573. Hence, we have covered separate post for each.

Some of the devices which I have already unlocked:

  1. E5573s-320 (MTN Uganda)
  2. E5573Bs-320 (TMN Portugal)
  3. E5573s-320 (Lao Laos & IRAN MCI)
  4. E5573s-320 (Smart Philippines) with Firmware 21.316.03.00.238
  5. E5573s-508 (Personal Argentina)
  6. Orange France 4G Airbox Huawei E5573
  7. Orange Poland E5573s-320
  8. E5573s-856 (MTN Ivory Coast) firmware
  9. Idea E5573
  10. E5573s-606 Spectranet Nigeria
  11. E5573s-320 EE (UK) and Optus (Australia)
  12. MTS 8210FT (Huawei E5573S-156) of Russia
  13. Huawei E5573BS-320 Beeline Russia
  14. Airtel’s Huawei E5573s-606
  15. Huawei E5573cs (Airtel and Idea)

Further, you can download all the firmware and WebUI of Huawei E5573 at here.


  1. Um . . . The E5573 doesn’t have a display, so it can’t display “invalid SIM” or anything else! I’m currently searching for instructions on how to restore factory settings on the thing, and having little success as they all turn out to have been written for a different device . . . !

  2. i have a E5573s-320 wifi the first time, when i put any locked network sim on it, it appears that the SIM LOCK CODE remmaining 0 attemps! and i can enter any code there. its firmware version is please help me.

  3. Hi Kamlesh. i was able to flash the e5573 and i now have 10 unlock attempts avaialble. do you have any idea where i can get the unlock code

  4. please tell me how to change my unlocked huawei E5573 , my device hanged when i change the wifi code and not change it , please help

  5. do you have any soln to unlock airtel e 8231 s1 locked with airtel.i am ready to pay you but after providing the method.firmware method fails

  6. Help. Can you unlock this E5573-320
    IMEI- 866162028084433.
    I only have 5 tries left so help me.
    Smart is my network provider (based in the Philippines)

  7. E5573-320
    IMEI : 866162028084433
    I only have 5 tries left so help me.
    Smart is my network provider (based in the Philippines)

  8. Hi Kamlesh, Where can I find link to firmware and steps to follow flashing the firmware. Also, Kindly let me know how I can get the code for unlocking the device.

  9. Device name: E5573s-606
    IMEI: 866079023223883
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM
    Software version:

    and I paid 6$ do do next?

  10. Hi Kamlesh,I transferred $6 via paypal to you in order to get the unlock code for huawei E5573s-156.
    I failed to give you following information.
    IMEI code : 866 958020006336
    S/N : N3YBY15527000234
    Please send the unlock code via email

  11. Hi Kamlesh, I transferred $ 6 via paypal to youin order to receive the unlock code for huawei E5573s-156
    I failed to give you followeing information:
    IMEI code : 866958020006336
    S/N N3YBY15527000234
    Please send the unlock code via email.
    Regards Anton

  12. Hello
    I e5573s-320 modem
    imei: 866162024375355
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM01
    Software version:
    Web UI version:
    Mci lock is on
    Please help to unlock

  13. Hi ,

    I have E5573s – 606 Locked.
    IMEI : 866079023356188
    unlock code : 43676868

    Please i tried following th seems pretty confusing and long. can I just pay for the unlock code?
    I dont know the firmware im using

    Thank you

  14. Hi Kamlesh ,

    Device : E5573s – 606
    IMEI : 866079023356188
    Unlock : 43676868 (Got using universal master code )

    Please Can i Just pay for the unlock code? this process is really long and confusing.

    Thank you

  15. Please I tried updating my E5573-600 but my usb disconnected while I was still processing it.
    Now the Mobile Wifi is not responding, now charging sign, only connection signal showing…computer is not even detecting it.

    Please what should I do?

  16. Had used Airtel 4G Huawei E5573s-606 locked to Airtel Network. Can this be unlocked to use JIO 4G-LTE network in India

  17. I have Huawei E5573-E5C0 locked to MTN Cameroon and would love to unlock the device so it can take any other sim, thanks.

  18. Found modem : E5573s-606
    Model : Huawei E5573 (untested)
    IMEI : 866079020485741
    Serial NR. : R3TDW15625005549
    Firmware : 21.315.01.01.284
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : unlocked
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)
    please how to unlok

  19. im run this drive Huawei_E5573s-606_Firmware_21.
    put in password then
    its 2nd step is show Error 19 Download File
    what to do now

  20. Device name: E5573
    IMEI: 866178020159650
    IMSI : 510091102802192
    My number: Unknown
    Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02
    Software version:
    Web UI version:
    LAN MAC address: C4:07:2F:66:AB:FC
    carrier : Smartfren 4G “indonesia”
    can unlock sir ?

  21. Device name: E5573s-856
    IMEI: 866837022592966
    IMSI : 460019272722469
    Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02
    Software version:
    Web UI version:

    can unlock sir ?

  22. I have Huawei Mobile Wi-Fie Model E5573s-606 IMEI – 866079021280604 as of now i have airtel 4G Sim for this dongle – can i use JIO 4G SIM in this device – if yes How – Thanks Harsh 9810383375

  23. Huawei E5573s-320
    Imei: 866162027253039
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM01

    Software Version: 21.316.03.00.200

    Web UI Version:

    Lan Mac Address: 48:DB:50:CE:7E:F1

    Please i need unlock help for the above model of MTN Nigeria MIFI with the above info.
    Thanks in advance.

  24. Nom de l’appareil : E5573s-856
    IMEI: 866837026108645
    IMSI: 624017502423635
    Mon numéro: Inconnu
    Version matérielle : CL3E5573SM02
    Version du logiciel: 21.315.15.00.225
    Version IU Web:
    Adresse MAC du LAN: 80:13:82:57:C4:74
    Adresse IP WAN:

  25. Device name: E5573Bs-320
    IMEI: 867422025874502
    IMSI : 268069623106645
    My number: Unknown
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM10
    Software version:
    Web UI version:
    LAN MAC address: E0:A3:AC:B0:58:4B
    WAN IP Address:
    WAN IPv6 Address: Unknown

    Is this what you need Its from Portugal on MEO network.

  26. Hi sir.
    I’ve tried to use your softwares. when device detection is finished. It ask me to enter a code. Please help me.
    I have Huawei E5573s-856 Mobile wifi for MTN Cameroon. The other informations are
    IMEI: 866837025847136
    IMSI: 624017500607724
    Software version: 21.315.15.00.225
    Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02

  27. I Want to unlock my Huawei Mobile WiFi E5573s-320 locked with TIGO service provider of Tanzania. Let me know if you can help me out. I checked but could not find any firmware for Tanzania. There are several firmwares in the name of General/Universal/Update etc. which are confusing as to which one is correct one for my model. Also need to know the step by step process for guaranteed unlocking to make it run with any service privuder’s sim worldwide. Please help. You can reach me at with solution and your service charge details. Would e best if you can do it for me using VNC or TeamViewer. Await to hear from you soon. Thanks !

  28. Hi,

    I have the E5573s – 320 device. Currently locked to Airtel Nigeria.

    WHen I insert another network sim, it show:

    “The device has been locked. Contact your ISP to obtain the SIMLOCK code. Enter the correct SIMLOCK code to unlock the device. If the remaining number of unlock attempts is 0, the device will be permanently locked.”

    How do I unlock this?

  29. Hi Kamlesh,

    I’ve a Optus E5573s-606 wifi router.
    Can this be unlocked ? If yes, how do I unlock it ?
    How much do I have to pay for the unlock code ?

  30. Hi Kamlesh,

    I followed the instruction in your link.
    In step 3, ie “Firmware code you can generate from Universal Master Code tool or comment with model and IMEI to get it”, I ran the code tool, but only generated unlock & flash code. How do I get the firmware code ?
    Btw, I’m currently not in Australia, can I still unlock the router ?

  31. Hi. I also have a MIFI from HUAWEI E5573 which I purchased for full price from THREE in Ireland, but now I am in another EU country, trying to use it with THREE provider of this country. It does not work. 🙁 I read that the THREE in Ireland locks it without any reason. Could you pls help to unlock it. If you could help with the unlock code, that would be great.
    My version of the MIFI is as this:
    Model: E5573s- 320
    IMEI: 866162025707325
    Thanks a lot again.

  32. First I tried to install web partner for Windows 8 from your site. It did noT find the port. Then I tried to update with Download Huawei E5573s-320 Firmware (Normal). It did not work out either. It says, network change has detected. no connection. And error message says, Error 10- did not find the port.
    Could you pls advice what other steps I should take to resolve the problem?

  33. hi again. i wrote here before, maybe it did not pass through.i kinda unlocked the mifi, through the code you provided, meaning now it can see the new sim, but the problem is that it now requires an unlock code for sim. i tried again the code you gave me. it did not pass through. no matter what number i put in, it requires a code to unlock the sim ( the sim are all unlocked, i can use them with different devices). it means it is still mifi which needs to get unlocked. thanks.

      • Unlock device
        This device is locked . To obtain the SIMLOCK code, please contact your network operator.
        After the correct password is entered, the device will reset automatically.
        However, if a wrong password is entered for ten times, the device will be locked permanently.

        SIMLOCK code:

        Remaining attempts: 7

        • Three attempts were for the code you gave, and pin and puk codes of the sim ( the last 2 ones were in vain though, the code has nothing to do with the sim, its device need to be unlocked.).

          • I think I changed the firmware. Sorry I am not really very good at it. What I did is that I downloaded Huawei_E5573s-320_Firmware_21. something and plugged the router to the computer with Irish number. That way it started rthe upgrade process of the MIFi and requested code from me, and used the firmware code you gave. and it later said upgrade done successfully. Then I installed my new number and again connected the MIFI to the comp. Now it requests sim unlock code.

              • DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1332

                Detecting modem :

                selection :
                manufacturer – Huawei modems
                model – Auto detect (recommended)

                Found Applications port COM5

                Found modem : E5573s-320
                Model : Huawei E5573 (untested)
                IMEI : 866162025707325
                Serial NR. : V5Y7S15A23001802
                Firmware :
                Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
                SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
                Wrong codes entered : 3 (unlock attempts left : 7)

                For unlock, may require firmware change, check tutorial or contact support

                It seems I did not the change the firmware afterall. But it did conduct upgrade, and afterwards it started to see my new coverage, but requests unlock code. But after upgrade it also stopped working with its Irish number. As I said before now it asks for unlock sim code, no matter what number I insert in it.

  34. Please can you tell me what to do next i was try to unlock my huawei e5573s-606 mifi router IMEI No is 866079020989866 is not working and the network signal not show again just the battery light show also is not changing please i need your help thanks

  35. I can’t use pay here can i pay by perfect money so let me know so i can arrange the payment also i need your email address and phone number

  36. Please can you unlock my device remotely without me doing anything but the payment?

    Device model: E5573s-320
    IMEI: 866162027251546
    Firmware Version: 21.316.03.00.200

  37. actually i have not opened it.i got this device from idea for temporary use. they may have done what ever you are saying.
    what should i do know?

  38. hello please some help here
    my device is huawei-E5573s-856 and
    Device name: E5573s-856
    IMEI: 866837026152460
    IMSI : 624020431758808
    Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02
    Software version: 21.315.15.00.225

  39. Kamlesh

    here are my details. could you let me know if you are available for teamviewer, if not what the next steps are .
    i am in UK with 3 network

    Device name: E5573s-320
    IMEI: 866162020470739
    IMSI : 234201502707663
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM01
    Software version:


  40. I want to unlock this modem
    please Guide me

    Device name : E5573
    IMEI : 866178021044521
    IMSI : 510014366215289
    Hardware Version : CL3E5573SM05
    Software Version :
    Network Operator : Smartfren (Indonesia)

  41. Model e5573s
    I downgraded the firmware from e5573s-606 to e5573s-320 but the unlock code generated online didn’t work
    Please help
    IMEI : 866079024590256

  42. Hi please get the firmware code for Device Huawei E5573s-320

    IMEI: 866162025711186
    firmware version

  43. Hi, I have huaweii E5573s – 856 which i want to unlock so that it takes an orange Cameroon sim card. i have understood all the steps given above but my problem now is how to get the unlock code.
    can someone help me out with that?

  44. Please can you help me on how to unlock my Huawei mobile WiFi E5573?
    It lock on mtn network only.
    Also, I’m unable to login to the admin dashboard because I updated the device.
    Please can you help me?

      • here is the system information

        Device name: E5573s-856
        IMEI: 866837023254574
        IMSI : 624017115199871

        Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02
        Software version: 21.319.01.00.225
        Web UI version:
        LAN MAC address: 48:DB:50:CF:15:DF
        WAN IP Address:

  45. Device name: E5573s-606
    IMEI: 866079025720068
    IMSI : 405858001818784
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM
    Software version:

  46. Hello sir. Pls i need ur help in getting unlock code for my E5573C with d imei 861791030309589. I will be very grateful if can get d code. Thanks

  47. Hi Kamlesh, This is Vijay from India. i have Huawei E5573s-606 locked with Airtel. Can I unlock and use any SIM card like Idea or Docomo or Vodafone. If yes, does it unlock in such a way that I can randomly change Service Providers ( depending on state, network coverage, data packs etc ). If yes, please let me know how you can help me remotely with this without damaging the device.

  48. Hi Kamlesh,

    I have a E5573Cs-609 AIRTEL 4G HOSTSPOT, whic is unlocked and was using it with JIO SIM. SUddenly its not recognizing the JIO SIM . DO you have any solution for this . Infact both the LED blinks continuously

  49. Hello sir, I have the E5573s-320 InterC Nigeria MIfi with the following details
    IMEI: 860861035144900
    Software version: 21.316.03.00.1421

    Putting in another sim, I does request for SIMlock code. How much is the code and how do I get it?
    Remaining attempts: 10

  50. Sir I have successfuly unlocked my Huawei idea e5573 by ur methods but I didn’t remember my Wi-Fi password and reset button is not working plz help and I can give unlock code of ZTE mf90 I would like to buy plz give details are gurshara*****

  51. bonsoir,je possède aussi un MoDem huawei e5573-7F5D de MTN Cameroun et j’aimerais que vous m’aidez a obtenir le code de desimlockage. c’est le 2eme appareils que j’achète car le 1er a été grillé par un incompétent qui prétendait pouvoir desimlocker sans problème. je ne possède pas d’ordinateurs mais je peut entré le code via l’application hilink pour Android donc j’aimerais desimlocker celui ci grâce a un connaisseur.
    merci d’avance.

  52. salut je possede un modem huawei E5573-79FC de MTN cameroun
    Svp aidez moi avec la procedure de desimlockage surtout le code d avance merci

  53. Hello Mr Kamlesh, I have a 5573-606 that is not showing on the system whenever I plug it to the system, I changed the usb port but still the same thing. pls is there a way i can still unlock it without having have to connect it to the system via cable??

  54. Device name:E5573Cs-322
    IMSI :602030967159012
    Hardware version:CL1E5573CSM11 Ver.B
    Software version:21.318.03.00.37
    Web UI version:

    Hello Mr. Kamalesh
    what is the Firmware code ?
    and I have windows 10 . is it ok ?

  55. Please find my device information here and advise:

    Device name: E5573s-320
    IMEI: 860861037823436
    IMSI : 620010372129619
    My number: Unknown
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM01
    Software version: 21.315.01.00.429
    Web UI version:

  56. Dear Sir,

    I will like to know if you could unlock Huawai E5573.
    (1) IMEI=860861039642651
    (2) IMEI=860861039638592

    Thank you

  57. Dear kamalesh,

    I want unlock my Airtel router, Model No: E5573-C938. I can see you have posted the unlock steps for E5573 model in general. Is the same step is applicable for my device as well? If no, can you please help me to unlock my device as well. I have sent the chat request to your gmail account. Kindly accept my request over there and if possible need your assistance to unlock it.

  58. Pls I have no idea of unlocking huawei wifi walker …imei:865162020387108……version:…pls help me

  59. Router is locked to an Indonesian operator, Smartfren.
    IMEI: 866178020864010
    Firmware Version:
    Can mine be unlocked safely?
    How do I find out if my router model is E5573-606/322/xxx?
    Please advise.

  60. I have an Airtel e5573s606. There’s no 3g only mode in the dashboard and my network falls back to 2g always. Any way around??

  61. Please my huawei e5573-606 (IMEI – 866079020426125….firmware- modem has refused to bring up the ‘insert unlock code’ option after updating the firmware. Even after inserting a different sim card it still doesn’t show up.
    Under dc unlocker it keeps showing ‘modem not found’…On the huawei mobile partner it failed to register a network and there’s no option to insert the code.
    The modem still brings up the green light each time I connect it to the computer.
    Please how can I get the option to insert the unlock code I got by using the huawei unlock calculator (after updating the firmware).

  62. Thanks for the prompt reply… However after resetting the device there is no option to reset the code and dc unlocked keeps showing modem not found. Please what should I do next?

  63. I should also mention that I have upgraded the firmware to that stated in the unlocking e5573 thread. When I previously used the unlock code calculator, it refused to get the code. But after reconnecting the modem it worked. It was after updating to the second e5573 320 firmware that I discovered the browser page to insert the unlock code wasn’t loading (even with the device’s main sim card). I just need the option to insert the unlock code or a means to directly send the unlock code to the device.

  64. Thanks for your help.
    How can I make the access point stop going back to the default access point of the inserted sim card? When I create a new profile, input a different access point and make it the default apn, on connecting it reverts back to the network’s original apn. I downloaded the hilink mobile android app and changed the default apn from there yet it reverted back on connecting. Can you assist with this?

  65. I have mifi model E5573s-320
    Can anyone help me out with the unlock code…. Universal
    Locked to MTN network Ghana….

  66. I have huawei mobile WiFi device.
    Modal: E5573s-320
    IMEI: 860861030188316. I need Flash code and I want to ask you how I can upgrade or downgrade this device please guide me .thanks

  67. Please I have a gsm wireless gateway locked to mtn Ghana can you help me unlock it

    Model B660




    IMEI: 861791030360236
    MODEL: E5573Cs-322

  71. Hello,

    I need your help to unlock my unit. Here is my info:
    Device name: E5573Cs-322
    IMEI: 861791034997223
    IMSI : 602022226527989
    Hardware version: CL1E5573CSM11 Ver.B
    Software version: 21.318.03.00.37
    Web UI version:
    Thanks alot.

  72. Hello can someone help me with mine
    modell: Huawie-E5573-F084


  73. On 2 Jul 17, you told someone to remove the screws from his huawei e5573c so that you can unlock it for him remotely! Why would you tell him such a thing?

  74. hello i need unlock code for my huawei E5573,how can i pay for it, and how long will it take to get the code this is the IMEI 866837023070913

  75. I try to generate the COde by the indicated method but I can not forgive help me.
    “huawei E5573,how can i pay for it, and how long will it take to get the code this is the IMEI 866837023070913”

  76. Hi,
    i will like to unlock Huawei B5142
    IMEI: 355620063321794
    Network: MTN

    Also ellipsis from Jetpack
    Model: MHS815L
    IMEI: 351884077906826
    Network: verizon

  77. Hi kamlesh, I want the unlock code for huawei E5573s-320
    my network is MTN Ghana
    IMEI code: 860861039320753

    Please Help.

  78. Device name:
    IMSI :
    My number:
    Hardware version:
    CL1E5573CSM11 Ver.B
    Software version:
    Web UI version:
    LAN MAC address:
    WAN IP Address:

  79. Hi , please i want to unlock a modem
    But that’s is the error i get after opening balong usb and loading usbloader.bin
    How cant i do to fix it please help !

    00000002. 005AAEE1 57900000 00000DA8
    Íàéäåíî 2 áëîêà(îâ) äëÿ çàãðóçêè.

    Ïûòàåìñÿ îòêðûòü óñòðîéñòâî \\.\COM18 …
    Çàãðóçêà áëîêà 0, àäðåñ= 0, ðàçìåð=3412
    Àäðåñ: 0, ïàêåò# 1 ðàçìåð: 1024
    Àäðåñ: 400, ïàêåò# 2 ðàçìåð: 1024
    Àäðåñ: 800, ïàêåò# 3 ðàçìåð: 1024
    Àäðåñ: C00, ïàêåò# 4 ðàçìåð: 340
    Âñåãî ïàêåòîâ â áëîêå [0]: 4
    Ìîäåì îòâåðã ïàêåò êîíöà äàííûõ. Îáðàç ïàêåòà:

    0000: ED 05 FA 53 C0 *í.úSÀ *
    What i’m suppose to do please help?
    it’s huawei e5573s-856

  80. Good morning
    Please can I get the unlock code for my Huawei E5573s-320 with IMEI 860861038184523 locked to MTN Ghana.
    Thank you

  81. Hi. I have a Huawei E5573s-320 modem from Orange in Dominican Republic. I want to unlock using the firmware and WebUI, but I do not see the model listed on the page.
    IMEI: 866162024497076. Software UI Web: 17.100.1101.625.
    Can you help me?

  82. Start the process with the steps according to your instruction. But after installing the firmware now the pc does not recognize the device. What I can do?

  83. Hi. The service they offer is excellent, I recommend it. Thanks to you I was able to successfully unlock my Huawei E5573s-320 router from Orange in Dominican Republic. The payment made of US $ 6.00 was worth it. Good support, easy processing and security when paying. Thank a lot!


    SSID: HUAWEI-E5573-F6B3
    IMEI: 866837024690289
    MODEL: E5573s-856


  85. I have huawei 4G cloud model : E5573Cs-322 and software version is 21.327.62.00.1456 and web ui is
    so kindly help me to unlock this device
    NOTE: my device is locked to ZONG (Pakistan)

  86. Hi Sir, please wish to unlock my device
    IMEI; 866837024663278
    S/N; TBCDW16126023344
    MODEL; E5573s-856

  87. please unlock this device
    Device name: E5573Cs-609
    IMEI: 861350038575806
    IMSI : 404112239796123
    My number: Unknown
    Hardware version: CL1E5573CSM Ver.B
    Software version: 21.318.09.00.284
    Web UI version:
    LAN MAC address: B0:55:08:CD:63:96


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