Now unlocking of Airtel and Idea locked Huawei E5573cs-609 MiFi routers of India is possible. Idea locked Huawei E5573cs-609 MiFi routers not available any more in Indian market. It comes with WebUI version and firmware version 21.318.09.01.356. It can be unlocked by boot shot method, which is not recommended.

Airtel India has launched Huawei E5573cs-609 routers which was earlier coming with firmware version 21.318.09.00.284 and now coming with 21.329.63.00.284 (and 21.329.63.01.284). Both these (higher and lower firmware version) Airtel locked Huawei E5573cs-609 can be unlocked without opening the screws. Means, there is no boot shot method is involved. Just run our software and unlocking will be done within a minute.

Note : For Idea E5573cs-609, there is also a separate software that will unlock without opening the screws of the device.

Note II: If you need unlimited unlocking of Airtel E5573cs-609, you can contact us.

Update : Free Unlocking of Airtel India Huawei E5573cs-609 (Firmware 21.318.09.00.284)

How to Unlock Huawei E5573cs-609 MiFi Router Locked to Airtel [Firmware

1. Download the Airtel Huawei E5577S-cs-609 unlocker software.

2. Once you will receive the file, extract it on PC using WinRAR software.

3. Run the Airtel Huawei E5573cs-609 unlocking file and copy hardware id and reply comment box.

4. It will generate the hardware id.

5. Once the correct details received by our support team, he will comment with registration key and registration name.

6. Now switch off Airtel E5573Cs-609 and change the sim with other operator.

7. Press and hold reset+power button.

8. The device will start blinking.

9. Connect with USB cable to the same PC through which you had generated hardware ID.

10. It will install drivers, if not then run from here.

11. Now run Airtel E5573cs-609 unlocking app again.

12. Fill the registration details, which you had got in email.

13. It will automatically change the firmware and unlock your Airtel E5573cs-609.

14. It will restart the device automatically and Huawei WebUI page ( will be opened.

15. Now you can connect to the internet.

Unlocking of Airtel India Huawei E5573cs-609 is Rs. 400 which you can pay through PayuMoney. It is premium solution, no need to open the screws of the device.


  1. Found modem : E5573Cs-609
    Model : Huawei E5573
    IMEI : 861350036833629
    Serial NR. : 5LL7S17B22017839
    Firmware : 21.333.64.01.284
    H ID : 6F93E-FA307-466DA-24EE7-E75E4-435FA-7D31E-BA438

  2. model – E5573Cs-609
    hardware id – 4B53E-FA3F3-306DA-257DC-96694-435C6-BA47A-C9E77
    imei – 861350034210911

    please please sir
    i recharged bsnl 3g sim but boot shot method not worked
    please sir help

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