Huawei has launched B310, which is currently available through Airtel carrier in Africa and India. You can also get Huawei B310 in Indonesia by Bolt and in Saudi Arabia by STC carrier. STC branded B310s-927 comes with hardware version: WL1B310TM and firmware/software version: 21.316.01.00.1304.  Our team has personally tested unlocking of B310 Airtel, it is same for other countries routers too if the device is asking for unlock code.

If Huawei B310 device is not asking for unlock code then you have to change the firmware, and also if you want can use generic WebUI.

The procedure is risky and any mistake makes your device dead, so be careful while unlocking.

Arrange one USB 2.0 cable; if not then you can also use cut wire of mouse or keyboard. Dismantle the Huawei B310s-927 and soldier wires as shown in below image. Solder the cables of opposite side of USB 2.0 port to the motherboard of the device.

solder wires of Huawei B310Note: Don’t make any mistake. Use the corresponding cable to solder with the board as shown in above image.

If you have successfully done above steps then you are now ready for proceeding with next step.

How to unlock Huawei B310s-927 CPE Cat.4 LTE router?

  1. Connect to PC with USB cable.

2. Download DC Unlocker.

3. Download Huawei Mobile Partner.

4. Install Huawei mobile partner in Windows PC.

5. Now run DC unlocker and detect B310s-927 under it.

6. At the end of the result, paste the following command:


7. Press Enter from the keyboard.

8. Now, it will show NV codes in hash format.

Copy all the hash code in a notepad. Simultaneously pay 6 USD or Rs. 300 and mention model with IMEI in the transaction, since unlocking / NCK code is not free. For hash code details, I will email you back within 8 hrs.

Update: Now we can repair B310s-927 router remotely. Charge will be Rs. 500 or 10USD.

unlimited unlock safe unlock charge 200 usd

Update II: Idea India has also launched B310s-927, that comes with higher version firmware. Remote unlocking services of B310 Idea is also available. Charge will be Rs. 600. During the unlocking universal firmware and WebUI will be updated, so that, in future, it will not get locked again.

Update III: There are some special services available through which you can get unlock code. You can place the order here.


  1. Please my laptop is not recognized the usb cable on window 10 after solder the usb cable to b310s – 927 huawei modemn of spectranet. It showing yellow. Please help me what can I do for my laptop to recognize in order for me to put unlock code

  2. hi laptop does not even make any sound when usb plugged in..spectranet…ive installed drivers and yet laptop windows 7 doesnt detect modem

  3. Hello. I faced the same problem as Joshua Miyaki. USB keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Yet the modem is not an upgraded one as Adebayo implied. I have done resets and used different cables. What else can you advise pls.

  4. Hi
    Even I got same problem, keep connecting and disconnecting. 🙁 any solution? Really sad. I lost warranty and now no way to unlock. 🙁

    • Nigeria (Lagos Residents Only)
      I can unlock you B310s Spectranet and Swift Router

      contact me on 08067718031 for the unlock codes.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    So i got my hands on to the latest Airtel Locked B310s-927 Bought in the month of June 2016. See below
    Some confidential details hidden

    Found modem : B310s-927
    Model : Huawei B310
    Firmware : 21.311.03.00.284
    Compile date / time : Jul 18 2015 08:54:14
    Hardware ver. : WL1B310TM
    Dashboard version :
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

    I followed the exact same guide to unlock as mentioned here until step 7.

    After Step 7
    1, Generated the unlock code
    2, In DC Unlocker i ran the command as AT^CARDLOCK=”NCK LOCK CODE”
    3, Received the input as OK. Voila !!!! my Vodafone Sim started working in here.
    4, Now i get the problem that i was unable to change the APN so i needed a universal WEB UiI
    5, Downloaded the Universal Web UI from
    6, Right Clicked and Ran the “Update_WEBUI_17.” as administrator it asked for DATA LOCK Code
    7, Went back to DC Unlocker and ran the command as AT^NVRDEX=50502,0,128
    8, Received the HEX Code and generated the OEM / Data Lock Code
    9, Entered the DataLock Code there in WebUI Set and HURRAY !!!! You have an unlocked B310s-927 with universal latest web Ui

    Honestly, The point where i failed was to downgrade the Firmware (Although i did not need that still for testing reasons).

    USB Was soldered and plugged in > LAN CABLE Plugged> GODLOAD mode was on > hardcoded the ip in network settings > Multicast tool kept running for 30 mins.
    I seek detailed help of someone in downgrading / updating the firmware for B310 or B315.

    • I have the same router as you.. ..after unlock I updated WEBUI with your “Update_WEBUI_17.”, so I can edit apn. just that, no firmware update. Problem now is my username and password keep saying incorrect. I reset router with pin, typed “admin”, “admin”, same thing.. ..Please Help.

        • I thought so myself.. ..that’s why this is really frustrating. Please is there a lower version of the “Update_WEBUI_17.” file? so I can try using it. thanks.

    • I am gonna try your method today and i hope you haven’t faced any network problems till yet? I have the same router and firmware as yours that was bought in Aug’16. I am trying to unlock it for Jio.

    • Thanks Jango for the wonderful guide. Successfully unlocked it for JIO with your steps. However, the who unlocking took less than 10 mins wonder how you guys were stuck on multicast for 30 mins. I just used the USB Cable. No LAN Cables and NO GODLOAD Mode and NO Hardcoding of the IP.

      • Today, i bought unlocked Huawei b-310s-927 router, it working fine but only problem is that after creating new apn profile, router config page won’t load untill reset , & after reset if i again set new apn, it won’t load again but internet works fine,
        what is the problem, is seller didn’t flash universal webui ?
        i can connect via hilink app.

  6. hello my b310s-927 show to put unlock code should i just pay and you supply the code or do i need to go through all this process

    • Where are you from ?? Are You from India ? Kindly contact me on 0091-9373105151 as we required same solution for B310s-927 in India with Latest Firmware Version of 21.318.xx.xx & it keeps disconnecting & Reconnecting issue .Urgently Waiting for Solution.

  7. Hello, I have a B310s-22 whith firmware 21.313.06.03.58 and Usb port doesn’t recognise for unlock. Can you help me? I´m in Portugal. Thank you

  8. If your spectranet B310s-927 router devices have been upgraded to the latest firmware 21.318 and USB keeps disconnecting and reconnecting i have the solution call 0816487641

  9. For your Swift/Spectranet B310s-927, Airtel/InterC B310s-22 and GLO B315s-927 unlock, We also unlock Spectranet E5578, Smile Cube and Router E5180s-22 and B593 unlock. All other modems like E5372s-601, E5573s and E5573Cs unlock. if you are in Lagos, contact us 08038407776

  10. holo sir I need code
    I well pay you if not free ok sir I m in oman how much sir than after working world wind this sir please tell me sir and wear I pay your name oh your account ok sir I wait
    Me send you Mail but you r not reply sir

  11. Hello sir,

    Please I want to know if there are any methods to change the Wireless MAC Address of the router Huawei B310s-927 by using DC-unlocker or At commands because I have two routers with a same Wireless MAC Address because i have flashed them with same firmware and when they work at the same time, I can’t connect to any one of them via WiFi.

  12. IMEI : 866175028925793
    Serial NR. : AKS7S15A16010896
    Firmware : 21.311.03.00.284
    Compile date / time : Mar 31 2016 16:51:59
    Hardware ver. : WL1B310TM
    Dashboard version :
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.

    How can you help to unlock this Airtel b310. I’ve soldered the cable as asked.

  13. I have b310 router with 21.318. … firmware it is usb mode is lock i run putty software on pc an connect lan cable at^reset comand is working… reply ok …and router is restart on lan port but at^sfm=1 comand is showing error. …. so what can i do … and witch comand work for 21.318 …firmware to update firmware in universal. ..
    Please reply. ..

  14. I have just bought Idea 4G LTE home wifi (Huawei B310-927S). I have to unlock it. what is unlocking remotely? what is the procedure to unlock it remotely?

  15. I updated Update_WEBUI_17. with my modem Huawei B310s-927 updated successfully…. all lights glow and off then it is not restarting …I tried to power on it wouldn’t getting on …. please help me……….Bros

  16. Hi! I have stc b310s-927 with firmware version 21.316.01.00.1304 , and i cannot get my computer to detect it via usb, even on boot shot. i have changed usb cable twice, re-soldered each at least twice, tested it on two different laptops (windows 8 and windows 10), and it still cannot be detected. I have already installed mobile partner and BOS solution registry file, and nothing changed. On some blogs they say, this is because of its firmware that prevents the modem from being connected via usb. Has anyone found a way to get around this usb detection problem?

  17. i bought a router from ebay it was working fine no issue till i forgot my wifi password so i reset the device and now its now working like red light coming and signal coming without sim can you please help me mr kamlesh bhai


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