In the previous post of Huawei B315, I have mentioned that this router is upgraded version of B593, and the same firmware works on this device. By following this guide you will be able to unlock B315S-936 (Globe Philippines), B315s-607 and B315s-22 of various countries.

Files required to download for unlocking of Huawei B315 CPE 4G LTE router:

  1. Cid-Reader-with-Command-sending-option / Cardlock unlock tool / DC Unlocker.

2. Multiupgrade tool for B315 and B593s-22 router

3. Latest Huawei Mobile Partner software

How to unlock Huawei B315 CPE 4G LTE Router?

First Method:

1. Only connect USB cable to PC, not the LAN cable.

2. Switch ON the device.

3. Press and hold WPS and Power buttons simultaneously.

4. Keep both buttons pressed until the red-light indicator turns on.

5. When it goes off, release fingers from WPS and Power buttons. Shortly after (10-20 seconds) blue light indicator will turn on and remain for half a minute or more.

6. When it goes off, you should see the green light indicator, means now your B315 is in download mode and ready for unlocking.

Second Method:

  1. Connect the device with LAN cable.

2. Launch multi-upgrade tool and select Network card to which your router is connected to.

3. Click Open and select the upgrade package B593s.bin, and then click Open again.

4. Click Start to start sending multicast packets.

5. The blue indicator light will start glowing, if indicator does not glow with blue color you will need to restart the device and repeat the process.

6. After a while indicator will turn into red, press “Stop” button on upgrade tool, disconnect LAN cable from PC.

7. Now press and hold WPS + Power buttons until the red light goes off then release. Shortly after indicator will turn into green color, which means it’s ready for detect/unlock.

B315 - power and WPS button

Note: If the device does not remain with the green light turned on (or doesn’t turn with such color at all) then press and hold WPS + Power buttons until the red light goes on and off, then release fingers from buttons. Wait for blue indicator light and shortly after it goes off green light appears.

8. Connect the device with its USB cable to Windows PC.

9. Install Huawei Mobile partner in PC.

10. Run Cid reader / Cardlock unlock tool / DC unlocker.

Note: If you use Cardlock unlock tool, simply you need to enter the unlock code. If you run Cid reader / DC unlocker then you need to issue the command after detecting the device:


How to generate unlock code of Huawei B315 CPE 4G LTE router?

  1. Connect your device with USB cable to PC.

2. Detect it under DC unlocker.

3. Go to the end of the result.

4. Issue command “AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128” (without quotes) and press Enter from the keyboard.

5. Now, you will get NV codes in hash format. Keep it in a notepad format.

Note: Unlock code of B315 is not free, its charge is only 6 USD. You can pay through PayPal button of this site. I will contact you for hash code which you have generated in the above step and will convert into Unlock / SIMLock / NCK Code and will email back.

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Update: If you don’t want to process with above mentioned procedure and your device is asking for unlock code after changing the SIM card, you can place an order here.

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