Huawei is very famous brand for modem / dongle / router / gateway / wingle / MiFi / WiFi devices. I also prefer to use Huawei devices. Coming to topic, various users approach to me after losing the password of his router / gateway / WiFi / MiFi devices. I Huawei router / Gateway there is reset option and also reset button is available in some of Huawei router and gateway. But, reset can not help you in restoring the default password your Huawei router / gateway. Actually what happens, when some one purchase the device then he want to secure his device. People tendency is to forget. After changing the password, after a few day, people lost his password then there is no option to recover the password of his router / gateway. Today, I have found one software “Gateway R Assist-” which can reset your router / gateway password easily. The software will work on only those routers / gateways which works on LAN port. The software is able to not only reset the password of Huawei router / gateway but it can also restore the device to its default state.

Gateway R Assist - Restore Huawei Router Password to Default
Gateway R Assist – Restore Huawei Router Password to Default

How to reset / restore Huawei Router / Gateway password to default :


1. Make sure that device is connected to constant power supply.

2. Ensure that computer has connected to the device through net cable instead of WLAN connection.

3. Click Button “Restore defaults” to restore device setting to orginal state, or click Button “Reset Password” to reset password to the orginal one.

4. Close Window “Connection closed” and this application, wait for a while and login in on the web management page.


With above software you can reset password of Huawei B970, B970B, B593, B390, B890, B880 etc.