Recently I had provided various network provider Download link of Firmware and Software Update of Huawei E5776 WiFi MiFi Router and also New Collection of Vodafone Firmware and Software Update. In Vodafone firmware section I had shared with you various models of Vodafone and Vodacom network Huawei, ZTE and Novatel firmware and software download link. Again, now here I am sharing a big collection of Huawei E586 WiFi MiFi Router Firmware Update and Software Update.

Huawei E586 WiFi MiFi Modem Router Gateway
Huawei E586 WiFi MiFi Modem Router Gateway
Download CD Content Huawei E586 (Megaphone Russia)6.6 MiB1998
Download Dashboards Huawei E586 BrightPoint Singapore (Windows: & MAC: MiB1485
Download (3 Network /Mac Version)17.3 MiB1895
Download - 3 Network Windows Version13.9 MiB5118
Download Firmare Update Huawei E586 E586_v1.0.rar (TIM)11.5 MiB1372
Download Firmware Huawei E586 21.322.07.05.209 (Megafon Russia)9.9 MiB1591
Download Firmware Update E586_21.322.10.00.889 B75711.5 MiB534
Download Firmware Update Huawei E586 21.322.06.03.192 (TIM Italy / WebUI v1.0)11.5 MiB495
Download Firmware Update Huawei E586Bs-2 WiFi Modem (Cell C Zambia)13.0 MiB1138
Download Firmware Update Huawei E586Bs-2 WiFi Modem (Vodacom Zambia)13.5 MiB1266
Download Firmware Update Huawei E586Es-2 (For Windows 8 and MAC Mountain Lion 10.8.2)25.1 MiB2782
Download Huawei Firmware E586_Update_21.322.07.00.00.B757.7z10.4 MiB2907
Download Huawei Telefonica (Ireland) Firmware E586_21.322.08.00.116.B757.exe11.1 MiB1541


I have previously unlocked Huawei E586 digicel Barbados WiFi MiFi RouterUnitel Huawei E586 VietNam WiFi MiFi RouterHuawei E5860 STC Saudi Arabia WiFi RouterHuawei E586s-2 Viva Kuwait WiFi Mobile Router Gateway and so many another network provider router has been unlocked which are shared in this blog in different articles. You can find out Huawei E586 WiFi MiFi Modem Router Specifications and Features also.


Unlocking of Huawei E586 WiFi MiFi Router is one time and easy job. Unlock code charge is only 2.38$ which you can pay through paypal for router code. After making a payment mail me model network imei with transaction in to get the correct unlock code.


  1. I downloaded the firmware to update, at the time of installation step it asks for password which i do not know. Can you help to ge tthe password