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Payment Method of Unlock Code for International Customers Only

Customers outside India suffer from unlocking their devices because direct bank transfer is costly, and they want an easy transfer method. Now, out of India, customers can pay online through PayPal. At the same time, Indian customers can pay through payumoney.

Crypto Currencies – Now, we also support cryptocurrencies. Those who want to purchase the unlock codes from Crypto Tokens can contact us on WhatsApp at +91 7011467742.

PayPal – If you want to pay through PayPal, you need to provide the device details first at WhatsApp +91 7011467742. We have removed the Paypal button because we are receiving many wrong payments and even cheaters.

Skrill – Now we accept the payment through Strill, also. You can pay a similar amount in Skrill email [email protected]. After payment, you can send the payment details as well as device information by email.

Note: We don’t sell Sierra devices unlock codes yet, so kindly don’t pay and invite trouble. If any queries, you better leave a comment before making payment.

Refund Policy: No (R) refund will be provided for mistakes once the code is provided. Only pay if the mentioned unlocking procedure works for you or is instructed by me to do so. Once paid and something is missing, which we require to generate the correct unlock code, we will contact them through email.

Generally, our team replies immediately. In a few cases, it may take up to 8 hrs.

We have an automatic server for all types of phones, and another device means once the order is placed, the correct code will be delivered by the server itself. We don’t interfere in processing. Some of the supported services are:

  1. LG Unlock Code (All types of LG devices)
  2. ZTE Unlock Code (All types of ZTE phones and modems)
  3. HTC Unlock Code (All HTC)
  4. Motorola Unlock Code (All Motorola)
  5. iPhone Unlocking
  6. Huawei Old Database (Modem and Router)
  7. Huawei New Database (Modem and Router)
  8. Huawei’s newest Database (All IMEI supported, including phone, tablet, modem, router, etc.)

Except above, we also offer other brands unlocking.

Note: You can reach us by email.

Update: If you are from India, you can pay through payumoney.


  1. hi i ordeed this unlock in the morning for blu telecomm mexico and i havent gotten any answer as for when it will be ready , i have asked via whattsapp mail and here and no response

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