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How to unlock Huawei E5578 4G LTE Cat4 Mobile Hotspot using Firmware?

I have shared about Huawei E5578 features and specs, including unlocking, in brief. In this post, I will provide two unlocked firmware that can be used in the unlocking of the E5578 mobile WiFi router.

Make sure the firmware change is risky and wrong steps may dead your device. I have personally tested it, and this solution is working fine.

Huawei E5578Basically, Huawei E5578 comes with V4 Algo unlock code, and currently, there is no mechanism to generate the NCK code using IMEI directly. In unlocking E5578, there are two firmware files involved.

Required files to unlock Huawei E5578:

  1. Latest Huawei Mobile Partner for drivers
  2. Universal Master Code Tool to generate firmware code
  3. Huawei E5578s-932 Firmware v21. (general)
  4. Huawei E5578s-932 Firmware general
  5. DC-Unlocker to generate NV hash

How to unlock Huawei E5578 4G LTE Cat4 Mobile Hotspot using Firmware?

  1. Install Huawei mobile partner on Windows PC.

2. Now, run the universal master code tool and generate firmware code through the Huawei tab or comment below to get the firmware code/password.

3. Reset the E5578 and connect to the PC with its default USB cable.

4. Run Huawei E5578s-932 Firmware v21.

5. It will detect your device and ask you for a password.

6. Input the firmware code which you have already generated in Step 2.

7. Wait till the finish.

8. Now install DC-Unlocker.

9. Detect your E5578 router under it.

10. Copy and paste the below command at the end of the result:

“AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128” (without quotes) and press Enter from the keyboard.

11. It will generate some NV codes in hash format.

12. Copy all the details, pay 6 USD through the PayPal button, and mention the IMEI model in the transaction. I will email you and ask you about generating a hash code. After providing the hash code, I will convert it into NCK / unlocked code and emailed you back.

Note: After the above steps, your device will stop working. After getting the code, update the device with Huawei E5578s-932 Firmware, which you have already downloaded.

Note II: Unlock / NCK code is not free. Its charge is only 6 USD, which you can pay through PayPal. Required codes will be emailed within 8 hrs.

Note III: To unlock Spectranet Nigeria Huawei E5578s-932 (Firmware, special software is available. There is no need to open the screws of the device.

Some special services are also available, in which there is no firmware change involved.

Update I: For Orange France locked Huawei E5578 or any other device, you can place the order here.

Update II: For Orange, T-Mobile & EE United Kingdom locked devices, you can place an order here.

Update III: For O2 U.K. locked Huawei E5578 router, you can place an order for an unlock code here.

Update IV: You can directly place the order for V4 & V5 unlock code.



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