I have already shared unlocking solution and firmware links of Huawei E5578 4G LTE Cat4 router. So many latest firmware are available at here including E5830. We have also uploaded some more firmware, which might be useful for you. Make sure, we provide every firmware for absolutely free and I only charge for unlock code.

B593U-91 mobily firmware unlock

Huawei E5878s-32 Firmware (general)

Huawei E8131s-2 Firmware (Universal)

Huawei E5383 Firmware (general)

Huawei E5756s 2 Firmware (general)

Huawei E5383 Firmware (Universal)

Huawei E5377s-327 Firmware (general)

Huawei E5338 Firmware (general)

Huawei E5330Bs-6 Firmware (general)

Huawei E5180s-517 Firmware (general)

Huawei E5170s-22 Firmware (general)

MAC 10.10 Driver


Huawei E5377 WebUI (general)

Before proceeding with any firmware, I want to tell you something. Any wrong firmware can make you device dead and admin is not responsible. Also, while updating the firmware, it may ask you password / firmware code. You can generate the firmware for your IMEI here.

Want firmware code free then leave a comment with model and IMEI. It will be updated within 8 hrs.

Keep visiting for routerunlock.com for more firmware and unlocking solution.


  1. when i want to update my E5330Bs-2, its asking for password.please can you help me with the password? IMEI 867161024323778

  2. thenks for sharing the intel
    can you please guid me on how to unluck E5383s-327
    what should

    • Have to wait for unlocking of E5383, unlocking firmware are not available for this model yet.
      Detect device under DC unlocker and at the end of the dc unlocker result, paste the following command :


      press enter, let me know the results.

  3. Hi;
    Is there something we should do with the file name, as when we are trying to upgrade the firmware it says Invalid file type!! I rename it to name.bin and the upgrade button get enabled, however, after click the button it says upgrade fails :(. “E5180”

  4. Hi Kamlesh. I have the Huawei E5180s-22. IMEI is 864919022171793. Will like to get the unlock software and code. Thanks.

  5. update my huawei e5330 default password change admin /admin
    and tried to reset it again but still change
    i need username and password to change somethings

    don’t till me try to reset it because i already done this

  6. I try many time to update general firmware in e5330bs. but always it gives update failed error.. what should I do??
    please help me if

  7. I tried to run Huawei E5330Bs-6 Firmware (general) but it ask for password before updating, what is the password

  8. Hello Kumar ,

    Please kindly help

    my device model E5180s-22 has been unlocked and it works with any SIM but i upgraded the firmware version and the device says Permanently locked now . Do you have anyway out ??

  9. hello guys!!
    When I try to open Update wizard for the 5377 it ask for a password.
    This is the firmware code of the device?

    is this program: E5377_Update_21.



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