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Download Huawei Mobile Partner Free for Mac 10.11 & Win 10

If you have already used the Huawei dongle, you will be aware of its software, which is called Huawei Mobile Partner. Huawei’s mobile partner comes with essential drivers that need to run your modem properly. Without proper drivers, your data card cannot be used. Earlier, we had shared with you Huawei Mobile Partner for Windows 8.1 & Mac 10.10.

Unlike another company, Huawei understands the global market and keep releasing compatible tool, when a new operating system arrives in the market. Recently Windows 10 launched, and Huawei made its compatible software version The firm has also released for Mac 10.11, which setup file is different. Both download links are provided at the end of the article.

Huawei Mobile Partner

The Mobile Partner of Windows 10 is compatible with the following Huawei models.

E352s-5/ E352s-56/ E352Ls-5/ E173Ls-5/ E369/ E369Bv/ E352s-1/ E352s-2/ E352s-6/ E353s-1/-2/-6/-81/E303s-1/-2/-6/ E303Cs-1/ E303Ds-1/ E303Fs-1/ E303Bs-1/ E303Gs-1/ E303Cs-6/ E173z-1/ E173z-2/ E173z-6 /E352As-2/ E3131s-2/ E303Gs-2/ E303Fs-3/ E303s-63 /E303Cs-65 /E3131s-1/-6/-3/ E357s-2/ E359s-2/ E3131As-1/ E3131As-6/ E3131As-2/ E3121s-1/ E3121s-2/ E3121s-3/ E3131s-65/ E173Cs-1/ E173Cs-2/ E173Cs-3/E173Cs-6/E173Cs-65/AE171s-3/ AE171s-6/ AE171s-65/ E173z-1/ E173z-2/ E173z-6/ E173z-65/ E303Bs-1/-2/-3/-6/-65/ E303Cs-1/ E303Cs-65/ E303Cs-6/ E303Cs-2/ E303Cs-3/ E303Ds-1/ E303Ds-2/ E303Ds-3/ E303Ds-6/ E303Ds-65/ E303Fs-1/ E303Fs-3/ E303Fs-2 /E303Fs-6/ E303Fs-65/ E303Gs-1/ E303Gs-2/ E303Gs-3/ E303Gs-6/ E303s-1E/ E303s-2E/ E303s-3E/ E303s-6E/ E303s-65E/ E303s-3/ E3131Bs-1/ E3131Bs-2/ E3131Cs-2/ E3131Cs-1/ E3131Gs-1/ E3276s-150/ E3276s-210/ E3276s-920/ E3276s-601/ E3276s-151/ E3276s-152/ E3276s-500/ E3272s-153/ E3272s-600/ E156G/ E1780/E1782/ E1786/ E153/ E153Du/ E1750C/ E1752C/ E173u/ E173Bu-1/ E173Eu-1/ E173Du-1/ E173Iu-1/ E173Gu-1/ E303u-1/ E303u-2/ E303u-6/ AE173u-1/-2/-6/ E1550/ E1552/ E1553 /E1556 E/ 150E/ 1750/ E1752/ E1756 E/176/ E176G/ E1762/ K3765/ E180/ E1803/ E1800/ E367u/ E177u/ E150u/ AE173Eu-1/ E157u/ E372u/ K4605/ E2010/ E158/ E192/ E353u/ E352t/ E357u/ E353Au/ E353Wu/ E353Tu/ E368 E/352u/ E3256s-1/E3256s-2/ E3256s-6/ E3251s-1/ E3251s-2/ E3251s-6/ E3236s-1/ E3236s-2/ E3236s-6/ E173s/ E173Bs/ E188s/ E188Es/ E398u/ E392u/ EC169C/ EC1260-2/ EC122/ EC150/ EC1270/ EC122/ EC156/ EC1561/ EC159/ EC199/ EC1201/ EC1202/ EC1261-2/ EC179/ EC179-2/ EC179-5/ EC306/ EC309/ EC176/ EC176-2/ EC177/ EC178/ EC178-5/ EC1761/ EC1762

While Mobile Partner of Mac 10.11 is compatible with Huawei modems

E173Cs-1/-2/-3/-6/-65, AE171s-3/-6/-65, E173z-1/-2/-6/-65, E303Bs-1/-2/-3/-6/-65,E303Cs-1/-65/-6/-2/-3,E303Ds-1/-2/-3/-6/-65,E303Fs-1/-3/-2/-6/-65,E303Gs-1/-2/-3/-6,E303Ms-1EW/-2EW/-3EW/-6EW/-65EW,E303Ms-2B/-6B、E303s-1E/-2E/-3E/-6E/-65E, E303s-1/-2/-3/-6/-63/-65, E3121s-1/-2/-3, E3131As-1/-2/-6、E361, E173z-1B, E303Gs-2, E303Fs-3, E303s-63, E303Cs-65, E352As-2, E353s-1/-2/-6/-81, E352s-1/-2/-6, E357s-2, E3131s-1EW/-2EW/-3EW/-6EW/-65EW, E3131Cs-1, E3131Cs-2, E3131Bs-1/-2, E3131s-2B, E3131Gs-1E, E359s-2E, E3131s-1, E3131s-6, E3131s-3, E3131s-2, E3131As-1, E3131As-6、E3131As-2、E3121s-1/-2/-3, E3131s-65、E357s-2、E359s-2、E3131Bs-1, E3131Bs-2, E3131Cs-2, E3131Cs-1, E3131Gs-1、E3256s-1/-2/-6, E3251s-1/-2/-6/, E3236s-1/-2/-6, E3256s-1/-2/-6, E3251s-1/-2/-6/, E3236s-1/-2/-6, E3256s-1/-2/-6, E3251s-1/-2/-6/, E3236s-1/-2/-6, E3331s-2/-3, E3351s-2/-3, E3331s-2/-3, E3351s-2/-3, E3331s-2/-3, E3351s-2/-3E3531s-6/-3/-1/-2, E3131h-2, E303h-2/-03/-1/-6, E3533s-2/-58, E303Fh-1, E3131i-81, E3131i-2&E303i-1 & E303i-2 & E3531i-1 & E3531i-2, E3131i-2 & E303i-1 & E303i-2 & E3531i-1 & E3531i-2, E3131i-2 & E303i-1 & E303i-2 & E3531i-1 & E3531i-2, E3131i-2 & E303i-1 & E303i-2 & E3531i-1 & E3531i-2 & E3131i-81, E303Fi-1, E3131i-81, E3372h-153,  E3372h-607/510/153, E3372h-210/607/510/153,  E3372h-210/607/510/153, E3276s-150/500 , E3272s-153, E3272s-600, E3272s-926, E3272s-210, E3272s-927, E3272s-506, E3272s-153/210/506/600/926/927, E3276s-503/505/862, E3272s-153/210/506/600/926/927, E3276s-503/505/862, E3276s-150/500/861, E3276s-150/500/861, E3372s-153 , E173u/ E173Bu-1 / E173Eu-1 / E173Du-1 / E173Iu-1 / E173Gu-1 / E303u-1 / E303u-2 / E303u-6 / AE173u-1 / AE173u-2 / AE173u-6 / AE173Eu-1, E392u-12, EC306 / EC306-2

Note: This is PC version software and will be installed on the only PC, not in your dongle.

How to install Huawei Mobile Partner on your computer/laptop?

1. Start the Installer and select language, and click the “OK” button.


2. Click on the “Next” button to proceed with the installation.

Next in Installer

3. Click on the “Install” button to proceed with the installation.

HMP install

4. Browse the install location path and click on the “Next” button to proceed with the installation. By default, it will be installed in your Windows OS’s installation directory.

Browse install location5. Click the “Finish” button to complete the installation.

Click Finish6. After installation finish, the dashboard will start automatically.

finish the dashboard

Download HUAWEI Stick UTPS-V200R003B015D11SP01C983 (for win10)

Download Stick Mobile Partner (for MAC10.11) Free

Additional official download

HUAWEI E3272S Firmware (V200R002B491D09SP00C00, General) (Fix E3272s XSS security issue)

Download EC315 Update WINGLE (Fix EC315 vulnerabilities for authentication)

Download E589u-12TCPU-V100R001B433D19SP00C964 (Fix E589 vulnerabilities for certification authority)

E5756_FIRMWARE_22. WEBUI_17.

E355sFW_22. E355sWEBUI_13.


Unlocking charges and processes of different models are already described in variant posts. Still, if you have queries, then you can leave a comment to reach us.



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