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Now our team can provide the factory unlock code for all Huawei devices, including modem / router V4 / V5, and phones. Means, if your device is asking for unlock code and attempts are left to enter the code, then it can be unlocked without changing the firmware.

Since, the code comes from the database, we only need correct 15-digits IMEI. You can find the correct IMEI in settings or by just dialing *#06# as a phone number.

Before proceeding with payment, choose the correct service to unlock. If you need any help, let us know.

Click on find network and select the network of your phone / modem / router.

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    • It is possible, but before placing the order, change the sim, login to the device and check option for simlock. Also attempts should be left to enter the code then only place the order.

  1. Thanks for your reply.
    Connected to my Android phone via WiFi, Huawei HiLink shows after log-in a window to put a code for SIM unlock and says attemps left 10 times.
    This worked perfectly with V3 unlock code.
    Will this do with V4 unlock code?

  2. Sorry, I meant it was another router HW-01F that worked with V3 unlock code which can be generated from IMEI.
    HW-02G is a newer V4 device available since Feb.2015 in Japan and V3 unlock code didn’t work, that’s why I’m seeking an unlock code taken directly from Huawei server.

    If you can manage to provide me with it, then I’m ready to pay for that.

  3. Hi,
    I am from Sri Lanka and my Huawei router (B310s-925) is purchased from a specific carrier so it’s locked to it.
    I want to know if it can be unlocked for all carriers without changing the firmware.
    Any info regarding the charges will be helpful.

    Thank you

    • We are only responsible for correct unlock code, if the device prompts for simlock and attempts are left to enter the code then it will be unlocked. It will cost 60USD at present.

  4. Hi

    I have a mobin net (Iran) b612 which the bootloader is locked by the operator but upon changing simcard it asks for unlock code. Can I use these codes for unlocking
    Is it 100% working?

  5. I need unlock codes for Huawei B315s-519 router ..any one who can calculate right correct code ? I have 40 pieces to unlock pls .

  6. Good day! Can anyone help me in unlocking my HUAWEI ETS3023 Fixed Terminal Phone? Its been locked to TNT here in the philippines. imei 354951034591632

  7. This just a way of making money for nothing, how does the unlock price be two to three times the price of the device being unlocked

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