Unlocking of Huawei E5172 router gateway is possible as I had already mentioned. Recently, in various countries customized firmware, E5172 routers have been released and does not allow to unlock it. This article is dedicated to those persons who are facing problem in unlocking his E5172 devices.

1. Download unlocked firmware of Huawei E5172As-22.

2. Download Huawei E5172 Firmware Upgrade Tool

3. Download and install WinRAR 3.80 or a later version in the default installation path C:\Program Files\WinRAR.

How to Flash the Firmware of Huawei E5172 4G CPE LTE Router Free?

1. Connect the E5172 to PC and assign the static IP address to the PC network port connected to the HUB to (Refer Image).

2. Open the downloaded Huawei E5172 multicast upgrade software. Click on refresh to refresh the network card list, and then select the network card whose IP address is

Huawei E5172 Upgrade Tool3. Click Open, and then a dialog box for selecting the upgrade file is displayed. Select the upgrade package E5172.bin, and then click Open.

4. Below the File Path box, if the version number is displayed as the error information such as Error file version… or Analyse time-out…, it indicates that the upgrade package is incorrect.

Huawei E5172 Firmware Update Tool - Selecting Bin File

5. Click Start to start sending multicast packets.

6. After the successful upgrade is complete, all the five signal indicators will be ON on the router.

7. Now, Click Stop to stop sending multicast packets.

8. Close the E5172 firmware upgrade multicast tool.

10. Power off the HUB and enjoy the E5172 CPE router.

Now you can easily unlock your Huawei E5172 router with correct unlock code.

Update: Airtel locked Huawei E5172s-925 router can be unlocked. Unlocking charge is only Rs. 500. Interested persons can pay through here.


  1. in the E5172 updater tool, if we use “Force Update” option to forcefully load an unlocked FW on a similar device model of different number…e.g. push E5172As-22 on a E5172Bs-925 , will the update go through and ask for the firmware password to update it correctly?

      • From my past Huawei device FW updates, I knwo that whenever the FW updater tries to chnage the code, the inbuild autorization kicksin in the form of a FW update password ( based on IMEI number ). I think these devices use the newer algo v3 passwords , which I have for my Airtel E5172. I wanted to try pushing the Unlocked Megafone,RU code for E5172 to attemp a DC-Unlocker later on the Airtel router. By any chnace do you have the latest Airtel E5172 FW zip?

        E5172Bs-925_V200R001C284SP103_India Bharti_05012ADY.zip ( Size:39.76 MB ) @ ASANfiles.com.

  2. Hello,

    I’ve tried to reflash it but when I do “start” , sending package run all time, and signal indicator still are not light on. when I hit stop, I still can login to web management.
    I did all step right like the guidance. is there you have tested and it is work? pls advice

  3. how it works on mac osx 10.10.3 please help coz i dont havewindows platform,abd my router its kind off stuck on permanently all lid lights ON continously

  4. Hi Kamles, I am using Spectranet Huwaei E5172Bs-925 router in Nigeria. I changed the default device name and wifi key. But now I dont remember the wifi key so cant connect to this device. Can I retrieve the changed password or reset the device to default configuration. The physical reset button is not able to reset the device. Please help.

  5. Can we unlock Airtel E5172 Bs 925 router ? If yes please explain the process.
    If no when can we expect the FW any ETA?
    As mentioned 4 months ago why Airtel is unlockable ?

  6. Pls i have unlocked my Surfline Huawei E5172As-22 but cant detect other 3G networks with 4G as the only option. I have tried updating but that one too is not going through. Help me, pls.

  7. The tutorials up does not work, maybe for my E5172As-22.
    It always get stuck at the third signal light.

    What can i do else

  8. Thanks for your information.
    Is it possible to flash without the USIM inserted? Because when the ISP USIM was in the modem E5712Bs-925; I could not go beyond the 2 signal bars over 1hr, but immediately I removed it it went to 5-bars in less than 5mins. But nothing change when I logged in.The version of firmware are the same.

    • It can be directly unlocked with code, Reset the device, Change the default SIM with another network, plug to PC with LAN cable, login to router and search option for NCK / unlock / SIMLock and enter the code.

  9. on the spectranet E5172Bs-925 cpe router after unlocking it, the router do no recognize a none-spectranet sim and do not have where to change apn setting on the dashboard. I guest if i can put the new sim APN settings the router can work with any sim. Plz can u help me here and is a updating with firmware will solve my problem.
    and if so plz assist me the firmware to enable the configuration of a new apn

  10. How else can I put universal firmware on the device.I have tried all the firmware, none seems to be working. Even DC unlocker is not detecting the router. Please any other method (Paid or by dismantling or any others) will be appreciated. Thank You

  11. Hello Kumar,

    I need help with the firmware for my Huawei modem, I have exceeded the nos or trials to unlock. I have tried the upgrade tool to forcefully change the firmware but no luck.


    Imei: 357500040353904
    s/n: M7G7SB93C2103567
    Model: E5127Bs-925
    Firmware: V200R001C1179SP100

    Best Regards

  12. Hello Kumar.
    Kudos to you for the good work you’re doing here. I have a Spectranet E5172s-970 CPE Router, I have actually attempted to unlock it using code, it shows that its been unlocked, but it only detects 3g.
    I already have a universal firmware downloaded for it and I I have tried using the above method to upgrade the firmware to a universal one, but ut’s like it is not going through. The package file send time got to as much as 25, but still nothing happens. Please how can I successfully get the universal firmware installed? Thanks in advance

  13. I need help with the firmware for my Huawei modem, I have exceeded the nos or trials to unlock. I have tried the upgrade tool to forcefully change the firmware but no luck it is locked to swift network in Nigeria.


    Imei: 357500040353904
    s/n: M7G7SB93C2103567
    Model: E5127Bs-925
    Firmware: V200R001C1179SP100
    Version : B

    pls can u guide me on which software to use or provide the firm ware for the firmware above…Thanks

  14. I have airtel India e5172bs – 925, it’s not sim locked…. But when i insert another sim, it doesn’t work, i guess that is because of webui of Airtel, is there any way to change the webui?? If i flash the universal firmware or firmware of e5172bs-22 , will it work or it’ll be bricked??

  15. Hello,

    Can I flash E5172As-22 or E5172s-22 firmware in to E5172s-920 ? So I can use FDD 1800 network on E5172s-920.

    Or is that frequency limitations are based on hardware ?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. hi Kumar i have purchased the code and unlocked my Huawei E5172Bs-925 4G LTE CPE Router but when i put another sim card is showing no signal any help?

  17. Hi Kamalesh,

    I want to use this device as a wifi router for my broad band connection. What do i do??
    i have plugged in my broad band cable to the port in the router but only 1 device connects to internet while Other devices though are connected to wifi but are unable to access internet.

    • it is wifi router, not adsl
      You can’t connect a lan/broadband connection directly to it ,
      the lan port is for out connection only i.e. you can connect a lan cable from router to pc to get internet only.
      It shares connection of Sim network (airtel) only not broadband.
      To share broadband buy ADSL router

  18. E5172bs-925 switched of during update. I put it back on and the network bars are constantly on 3. It shows with a different ip on upgrade tool

  19. Sir i have huawei e5172, unlocked but cannot get access to the apn management page. Can i get a confirmation file to do that. Kindly reply me via email.

  20. Hello I have unlocked the Spectranet Router but it wont work with Glo 4G sim. Please advice. It shows no service after the upgrade and still no space to create a glo 4G profile.

  21. hello sir good work you doing here please i just unlocked a router e5172s and its stock on pin management and i’ve disabled it but it wont give me the option to change apn settings please what can i do help me

  22. Modelo:
    Versão de LTE:
    Versão de hardware:
    Versão de firmware:
    Firmware build time:
    12.06.2014 13:57:29
    Nome da Operadora:
    SKY Banda Larga

  23. Unlocked router. Trying to flash universal software with multicast tool. Upgrade gets to third network light blinking then restarts. Solution?

    • Hy sir,
      I am having Huawei E5172s-927 (STC Saudi Arabia). Recently i have tried to flash the router but now its not working.A pink color blinks on the power. No wifi and even i cant access to .

      Pls help me sir….
      Waiting for your responds.


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