Most of us download files from the internet for personal use or for professional purposes. Those downloaded files may be in a zip or RAR format. You might be already familiar with RAR file. RAR files are compressed files which are used for storing larger files in archives in order to take less space on hard disk, so it is easy to transfer or even to upload over the internet. To recognize the RAR file, you will see an RAR extension. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t add native support to RAR in any version of Windows, including Windows 10. So, you have to use a third party tool, that is called WinRAR.

We personally use WinRAR software to create archive files and even extracting the zipped and ISO files. WinRAR program comes with a 40-days trial, however, it will not expire, but you have to face a message when you will launch it.

How to Create an RAR File in Windows 10?

1. To create a .rar archive file, you need to download WinRar first (you can find the link at the end of the post).

2. Install it in PC.

3. Just right-click on the file / folder you want to compress / archive and click on “Add to archive…”

4. Now put any name to the archive or leave it blank (it will use the same name of file / folder) and press OK.


5. Now, you will see a .rar archive, next to file/folder you compressed.


If you are compressing a small file, you will see a marginal compression in the file, but if you compress a big file, then you will notice a lot of disk space save. Once you have compressed the file, you can delete the older one. Whenever you want to access the compressed file, you can use it without uncompressing or also you can extract it in PC.

How to Extract an RAR File in Windows 10?

Extracting .rar files from an archive to a computer is also a simple task. Open the archive file and drag file / folder from it to empty space of your computer. If you are not feeling comfortable in dragging the file / folder then:

1. Right click on .rar file / folder.


2. Select Extract files…. / Extract here / Extract to …………..

WinRAR works perfectly with all editions of Windows including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

7-zip is another freeware app that lets you compress and decompress a file.

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