Today, I am sharing Huawei E5172 Updater tool to Unlock E5172 router. It has been created by famous modem unlocking team DC Unlocker. It can be downloaded from the link which is provided at the end of the article. I have already provided the unlocking solution of Huawei E5172As-22 (Batelco Bahrain)E5172s-920 (Spectranet Nigeria)Huawei E5172s-515 (Colombia UNE)H3G E5172s-22 (Sweden) and others. Various people have already unlocked this Huawei router with unlock code as it comes with un-customized firmware.

Huawei E5172 WiFi Router Gateway
Huawei E5172 WiFi Router Gateway

Note : Only those users proceed with this method whose router is of customized firmware and above mentioned unlocking procedure does not work. If your model is E5172s-22 then skip this method.

How to Update Huawei E5172 Router Firmware with Huawei E5172 Updater Tool V1.00.000?

1. Download Huawei E5172 Router Updater tool from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Now plug the Huawei E5172 WiFi router to Windows PC and close everything which is related to E5172.

3. Now double click on downloaded updater tool to launch it.

E5172 Updater V1.00.000
E5172 Updater V1.00.000

4. Now click on “Start Updater” button from the updater tool.

5. Now from Network card option, select one Ethernet card, then click  on “Open” button.

Huawei E5172 Upgrade Tool
Huawei E5172 Upgrade Tool

6. Now Locate “update” file from the downloaded folder where Huawei E5172 updater tool is available.

7. Now select it and click on “Open” .

8. Now “Start” button will be highlighted, press the “Start” button.

9. Wait till finish and Monitor the signal indicators on the router.

10. When all 5 of them are lighted up, you can close updater.

E5172 Signal Bar
E5172 Signal Bar

11. Now restart the Huawei E5172 router.

12. Now you can unlock it by simply changing the SIM card and correct unlock code.

Note : Don’t enter any wrong codes into your Huawei E5172 router, otherwise it will be locked permanently.

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Update : Independent Huawei E5172 updater tool is available.


  1. Hello,

    I have unlocked my router e5172As-22 (Portugal – NOS ). Everything fine code v2 worked.
    But it did not unlock the voip/Sip function. I know it is the firmware. I tried using to upgrade but it does not upgrade unless the firmware has the NOS ID.
    Any ideas?