Like ZTE and Micromax, Huawei is also a leading brand of modems. Many Network providers are using Huawei modems to provide the customers. After Idea, Vodafone,  and Aircel, now Bharti Airtel has also come with E1731 that has customized firmware and its firmware version number is and software version is Fakiro . When you will open the cover and see inside, E173Bu-1 will be written and it comes with customized firmware. But, the problem is that it is locked and can not be used with other network provider sim. I will guide you to unlock your new Airtel E1731 with the help of the firmware update.
Universal master code calculator
Universal master code calculator

How to unlock  Airtel Huawei E1731 (E173bu-1) Customized Firmware Modem Free?

1. Download Universal Master Code calculator software and firmware upgrade of E1731 (E173Bu-1) dongle from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Now run Universal master code tool and generate unlock code and flash code of your IMEI.

3. Plug your device to your PC / laptop and let it launch the software of modem.

4. Now close the running software / Huawei mobile partner and run firmware update E173Update_11.

5. It will find your modem automatically.

6. Click Next and when it ask you for password put flash code which you had generated earlier.

7. After a few seconds your modem will be updated with unlocked firmware.

Now update the modem with latest Huawei Mobile Partner Software from this link.

Now after fully updated your dongle, unplug and plug your modem with another than default sim (other than Airtel SIM) in your computer / laptop. Now your dongle will ask you unlock code / NCK. Put the unlock code as password which you had generated earlier and your Airtel E1731 (E173Bu-1) Huawei data card is unlocked forever.

Download E173Bu-1 Unlocked Firmware

Universal master code to generate unlock code and flash code

Update : If above mentioned firmware does not ask for password or unlock code the you download this firmware (Firmware Version is E1731Update_11. It will work 100% for you.

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