Like Huawei and Micromax, ZTE is also a leading company in manufacturing of modems. ZTE keeps launching modem with the help of network provider like Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, MTS, Tata Docomo, Idea, T-Mobile, Metro PCs, etc. But, problem is that it comes locked to a particular network through which you have purchased. If you have purchased modem of Vodafone then you can not use the SIM of airtel. For using another network provider SIM you have to purchase a new modem/phone again. Hence, we keep writing the article about “how to unlock the modem with the help of firmware, dashboard, unlocking codes, custom firmware or dashboard?”.
Universal master code calculator
Universal master code calculator

How to unlock ZTE Modem?

1. Download and run the NCK code calculator software to calculate the unlock code of your modem.

2. Keep the software running.

3. Open the back SIM cover of the modem and write the IMEI number of your modem.

4. Now select the ZTE tab from software, which is already running.

5. Enter the IMEI number of your ZTE modem and click on calculate to generate the unlock code.

6. Now copy the NCK code.

7. NCK is the unlock code for unlocking your ZTE modem.

8. Change the SIM in ZTE modem and connect to PC.

9. It will open the dongle ZTE software and will ask for NCK.

10. Enter the code which you have noted down.

11. Click OK to unlock it.

How to Unlock ZTE Phone?

1. Generate the unlock code via the same software as we have mentioned above.

2. Remove the SIM card and try to enter this code ###825*09#.

3. Now your phone will prompt for the code.

4. Enter the code to unlock your ZTE phone.

5. If above method code doesn’t work then you can try *983*8284#.

Now you have successfully unlocked ZTE phone and modem.

This code will not work with the latest ZTE modem/router/phone. For the latest devices, you need to purchase the code.


  1. sir plz tell me , how to unlock reliance wipod (zte wd670) device, dc-unlocker failed to detect it …plz help me….i want to use it with my jio 4g Sim.

  2. Please help me unlock mine;
    model : MF65
    IMEI NO: 867307016157183
    Its locked onto etisalat and it is requesting for a 16 digit code

  3. please can you help me unlock airtel ZTE MF90 IMEI – 862927024517147 not getting the code after changing the sim.. how to unlock

  4. please help me unlock my ZTE MF83M here is my IMEI:862774027023578

    please some you should help me out
    thank you and God bless you

  5. Dear Kamalesh,
    I am using ZTE MF90 airtel modem. Now i want to use the modem for Jio sim. Kindly help me to use it. IMEI: 862927022162649


  6. Hi Kamlesh,
    My maternal brother send me a ZTE phone as he stays there. But here in India no sim card is supporting that cell phone. I tried a lot to unlock the network, but I failed. Kindly help me out; the Details are given bellow:-
    Model: ZTE T815(BUILD NUMBER: ZTE_T815_M01)
    IMEI: 868669021628790
    Android Version: 4.4.2
    Kernel Version3.4.67

  7. I need 16 digit code calculator to unlock my airtel router Please help i need 16 digit code to unlock my zte modem mf29 imei:355475040333929 – Its Airtel modem unlocking code


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