Now, I can provide Alcatel MiFi routers and modems unlock codes in cheap rates. Earlier, I was providing Huawei new Algo unlock code and Huawei routers codes also.

Supported Alcatel Modems and MiFi Routers:

  1. Alcatel X020S
  2. Alcatel X030S / LONGCHEER WM72
  3. Alcatel X060S
  4. Alcatel X070S
  5. Alcatel X080S
  6. Alcatel X090S
  7. Alcatel X100x
  8. Alcatel X145x
  9. Alcatel X150x
  10. Alcatel X155x
  11. Alcatel X200S
  12. Alcatel X200x
  13. Alcatel X210S
  14. Alcatel X210x
  15. Alcatel X215S
  16. Alcatel X220
  17. Alcatel X225L
  18. Alcatel X225S
  19. Alcatel X228L
  20. Alcatel X230x
  21. Alcatel X300x
  22. Alcatel X310x
  23. Alcatel X500x
  24. Alcatel X515/515M
  25. Alcatel X520x
  26. Alcatel Y280x
  27. Alcatel Y580x
  28. Alcatel Y600
  29. Alcatel Y800x
  30. Alcatel L100
  31. Alcatel L100V
  32. Alcatel S220L
  33. Alcatel MTC 411D
  34. Alcatel Y855 / Y855V
  35. L100G (Telcel Mexico)
  36. Alcatel Y858
  37. HOME H850
  38. Alcatel Y901
  39. Alcatel MW40CJ / MW40V / MW40VD
  40. Alcatel IK40

with all indexes at ‘S’, ‘L’, ‘X’, ‘V’… are supported.

How to insert/send NCK in Alcatel devices?

1. Change the default SIM with another network provider SIM.

2. Plug modem/router to Windows PC.

3. A pop-up window should appear asking you unlock code.

4. Put correct NCK and click OK.

5. Now, the device will be unlocked forever.

If the device is not asking for NCK / unlock code then you can use Alcatel Modem NCK Inserter tool. Make sure everything is OK, then only proceed with payment. There will be no refund provided for mistakes. While paying mention the model and IMEI in transactions.