Before this article, I had written article about “BSNL Teracom original dashboard for unlocked modems“, “Download BSNL ZTE MF180 Original Dashboard Free“, “BSNL Teracom LW272/LW273 Unlock Software Free Download“, “Unlock teracom LW 272 BSNL in some easy steps“. Today, I have got one modem BSNL 3G LW273 of Teracom company, I followed the same steps which I had earlier mentioned in my article, but I was surprised, when I was inserting the BSNL 3G LW273 Teracom Modem to PC then BSNL datacard default software was automatically opening. Since, original software was opening so I was getting error “Invalid SIM”. Then I uninstalled the BSNL 3G LW273 Teracom Modem software from PC and installed only V-CELL software. Now PC was not able to detect the BSNL 3G LW273 Teracom Dongle. But, after a few hour, i got the solution and i was able to use another sim on BSNL 3G LW273 Teracom Modem.

This method has been successfully tested on BSNL 3G LW273 Teracom Modem Software Version : V900_V1.0_101112.

BSNL 3G LW273 Modem Dongle
BSNL 3G LW273 Modem Dongle

How to Unlock BSNL 3G LW273 Teracom Modem Totally Free :

  1. Download latest BSNL 3G LW273 Teracom Modem software from the download link which is provided (or if you have already latest software then continue with next steps) at the end of the article.
  2. Now install the software of BSNL modem and let it automatically open the dashboard of the modem.
  3. Now download V-cell modem unlocking software from the download link (provided at below).
  4. Open the install folder of BSNL 3G LW273 Teracom Dongle and delete the BSNL 3G.exe file from PC.
  5. Now install the V-Cell modem software.
  6. Now change the default sim with another network provider sim and now you will be able to get the network.
  7. Now configure the profile as per the network provider and you can use another sim without flashing the firmware of BSNL LW273 modem.

Download BSNL 3G LW273 Teracom Original Software / Drivers / Dashboard

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