Recently, I had provided you download link of various network providers of different countries Huawei E3276 Hilink modem as well as normal modem firmware in this link. Today, I am sharing with you a firmware upgrade which can convert Huawei E3276 Hilink modem to normal Huawei E3276 modem. Huawei hilink modem is different than normal modem, normal modems gets connected to internet through dial up connection, but Hilink modem gets connected to internet using webpage.

huawei e3276 stc 4g lte modem
huawei e3276 stc 4g lte modem

Huawei hilink modem firmware starts from 22 series wherein Huawei normal modem firmware starts from 21 series. Some users are happy with Huawei hilink modems , and same time some users are not happy with Hilink modem, and some of the Huawei hilink users want to convert his Hilink modem to normal modem.


After doing search through internet, I am able to find some commands which can convert hilink modems to normal modems :


To switch Huawei E303 and Huawei E3131 Hilink modem to its normal state go to browser and type the following (make sure automatically connect to internet is disabled) :



Now your modem will be disconnected and switch to serial port, now new device will be appeared in device manager.


To enable gms modem mode execute the following command using DC unlocker :



To switch back to HiLink execute the following code :




Remove the modem and plug it again for changes to take effect.


To issue AT command you can use DC unlocker software (Refer this article).


You can try the same commands to switch Hilink Huawei E3276 to normal modem. Might this command will work on Huawei E3276 hilink modem also.


Additionally, I have found a firmware on which download link is provided at the end of the article, which can convert Huawei E3276 hilink modem to normal Huawei E3276. (I have not checked this firmware personally, it might damage your modem, do it at your own risk).


Convert Huawei E3276 Hilink modem to a normal (Regular) Modem


  1. Hello, I would like to convert a normal E3276 to a Hilink modem – I want to use the web interface so the modem connects automatically when it is plugged in. Can you point me in the right direction please?

  2. Unfortunately after the Switch i get redirected to home page and no com port on device manager. Is it possible that the modem is locked, if so is there any other way to sort this out?

  3. I would like to convert a Hilink E3272,Megafone 4G modem to a normal It possible via firmware upgrade?

  4. hi, i have e3276s-920 (stc) with firmware my question is, there a firmware for my modem dont understand the different beetwen normal and hi-link..and what the benefit with normal and hi-link..thanks in advance.

  5. hey,

    why cannot i connect to 3g network from my STC-E3276s-920. It only connects to 2G networks, i tried from another huawei modem and it worked fine.. Please help me :'( Hope you’ll help me Kamlesh

  6. hi, kamlesh Kumar,!!!!plz help me …….can i unlock my mts EC315 huawie netsetter?????
    when iam installing firmware update tool it asking a password


  7. Hello Kamlesh Kumar,
    I have downloaded the file above to convert the E3276 HiLink to a regular modem, but when I run the file, before updating the firmware, it asks me for a password, which I don’t have. The modem is unlocked, but has the Zain Webui (from Kuwait), while i would need one for the MobiStar (Belgium) or convert it to regular modem. Do you know which is that password? Is it related to the IMEI? In that case, it is 863781012623972.
    Thanks and best regards

  8. HOW TO LOCK LTE BAND 40 ON E5573S??
    I TRIED Huawei Modem Terminal.exe WITH THIS COMMAND AT ^ SYSCFGEX = “03”, 3FFFFFFF, 2,4,40 ,,