I have recently updated Download link of Huawei E3272 Modem Firmware and Software update. You can get Download link of Huawei Firmware Update of Huawei E589 & E589u WiFi Router also. Today, I am sharing with you Huawei E355 Hilink and Normal Modem Firmware and Software Update. From now onward, all firmware and software update which is related to Huawei E355 modem, hilink as well as normal dongle will be shared in this article only.

Huawei E355s MiFi Dongle
Huawei E355s MiFi Dongle

Download Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E355s-2 OpenMarket Germany

Download Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E355s-1 Airtel

Download Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E355s-1 normal

Download Firmware Update Huawei E355s-2 (For Windows 8 and MAC Mountain Lion 10.8.2) Support

Download HUAWEI E355s-1 TCPUB157D10SP04C51 Italy Wind 05010XSA


CSRF Fixed Huawei E355 Hilink modem firmware (E355UPDATE_22.; Update_WEBUI_13. MiB1537
Download Firmware Huawei E355s normal39.9 MiB2068
Download Firmware Huawei E355s-1 (OpenMarket India)9.2 MiB1451
Download Firmware Huawei E355s-1 (Syriatel Syria)9.2 MiB834
Download Firmware Huawei E355s-1 (Airtel Nigeria)8.2 MiB1033
Download Firmware Huawei E355s-1 (Airtel Nigeria)8.2 MiB945
Download Firmware Huawei E355s-2 (Telekom Srpske Bosnia Helzegovina)8.9 MiB878
Download Firmware Huawei E355s-2 (Wind Greek)9.0 MiB877
Download Firmware Huawei E355s-2 (Orange Dominica)8.2 MiB955
Download Firmware Huawei E355s-6 (Tigo Guatemala)9.1 MiB950
Download Firmware Update Huawei E355 (Beeline Russia)8.2 MiB994
Download Huawei E355 Firmware Update B757 (Wind Italy)10.9 MiB197


Note : Hilink modem firmware starts from 22 and normal modem firmware starts from 21. Firmware update may your modem dead , so before updating the firmware make sure what you are doing.


Unlock code charge for Huawei E355 modem is only 2.38$ which you can pay through paypal button. After making payment mail in kamlesh2011@gmail.com with transaction details including model network and imei to get the correct unlock code.


  1. hey i have the same problem my huawei e355 modem doesn’t show up in device manager.All frimware updater gives error 10 port find failed.
    What u do to save ur one.
    plz help here…!!

  2. Hi I have bought a new Huawei Tigo E355s-6 wifi modem from USA and tried to use it in India with Aircel. It was not get signal tower. After verifying your website I have followed above procedure and installed “Firmware Huawei E355s-1 (OpenMarket India)”. Now my Modem is not getting deducted by my Laptop thru USB port. I am not able to update any firmare because of getting deducted. Kindly advice how to fix this.