I have recently updated the download link of Huawei E3272 modem firmware and software update. You can get the download link of Huawei firmware update of Huawei E589 & E589u WiFi router also. Today, I am sharing with you Huawei E355 Hi-link and normal dongle firmware and software update. From now onward, all firmware and software update which is related to Huawei E355 modem, hilink as well as normal dongle will be shared in this article only.

Huawei E355s MiFi Dongle
Huawei E355s MiFi Dongle

Download Huawei E355 Firmware Update B757 (Wind Italy)

Download Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E355s-1 normal

Download Firmware Huawei E355 & E8131s-1 Update B757 (Universal)

Download Firmware Huawei E355s-1 Update (Zain Sudan)

Download Huawei E355s UTPS1.09.00.158 MAC1.09.00.158 B757 (Globe Philippines)

CSRF Fixed Huawei E355 Hi-link Firmware Update and WebUI

Download Huawei E355s-2 HILINK WebUI B734 (Egypt Vodafone)

Download Firmware Huawei E355s-1 Update B757 Saudi Arabia Jarir Bookstore

Download Unlocked Huawei E355s FW & E355s WEBUI

Download Firmware Huawei E355 Update B734 (Singapore OM)

Download Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E355s-1 (Airtel India)

Download Huawei E355s-2 Firmware (Russia Open Market)

Download Huawei E355s-2 WebUI (Beeline Russia)

Download Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E355s-2 (OpenMarket Germany)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E355s-2 (For Windows 8 and MAC Mountain Lion 10.8.2) Support

Huawei E355s FW E355s WEBUI

Download HUAWEI E355s-1 TCPUB157D10SP04C51 Italy Wind 05010XSA

Note : Hi-link modem firmware starts from 22 and normal modem firmware starts from 21. Firmware update may your modem dead, so before updating the firmware make sure what you are doing.

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