Apart from cleaning the disk, we should regularly clean the Registry to speed up the computer. There are several free registry cleaners over the internet, out of which, CCleaner is the most popular. Wise Registry Cleaner and Auslogics Registry Cleaner are another popular programs to clean the residual registry.

Registry Recycler is another freeware and portable app that lets you clean, defragment and backup the registry.


As it is a portable tool, there is no installation is required, just launch and clean the registry file. When you launch this tool, you will find all the normal options, which are available under various Registry cleaner. There is nothing unique, but not a bad also.

Registry Recycler is very small and powerful tool. The download size is little over 1MB. As you can see in above image, it offers scanner, defrag, backup, startup and summary tab.

The Scanner will carry on the registry scan. Defrag option will boost the speed of your PC. Whereas, Startup section lets you manage start-up programs. Backup is for backing up the Registry and under Summary tab, you can see the results.

Registry Recycler can clean the following paths:

  1. COM/ActiveX Entries
  2. Uninstall Entries
  3. Font Entries
  4. Shared DLLs
  5. Application Paths
  6. Help Files Information
  7. Windows Startup Items
  8. File/Path References
  9. Program Shortcuts
  10. Empty Registry Keys
  11. File Associations
  12. Windows Services

Once you scan the registry, it will show the results with errors under different sections.


Before cleaning the registry, you should backup the registry, once cleaned the registry you should defrag it.

Registry Recycler is enough good to stand with the most known cleaners out there. It is also compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Win 10.

You can download Registry Recycler from here.


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