Windows creates temporary files to access the files or apps faster. But, it gets accumulated over a time, if you don’t clean your PC regularly, and starts Windows slowing down. If you download something from the internet, then also temporary files gets created. These files take a lot of space on your PC and it needs regular cleaning. You can delete the temporary files from Windows PC without any third party tool , by running command %temp% or %tmp% through run window.


After putting the %tmp% or %temp%, click on OK to open the temporary folder. Select all the files and delete it.

If you want to clean these unnecessary temporary files your PC automatically, you can use a freeware app Cleano. It is a portable tool and can automatically clean temporary files from Windows PC. Apart from the temporary files, it also cleans prefetch files.

cleanoTo use all the features of Cleano, you need to run this app as administrator. Simply check the options you want to clean which includes temp files, browser history, recycle bin and more. The best part of this freeware tool is that it lets you automatically clean temp files at login. This means every time you log-in into Windows, the app will do the clean up for you. You can also schedule it to clean in the particular time interval.

start-cleano-service-on-log-inThis free app can also clean custom folders. In case, you want to clean a particular folder, you can add it manually.


Main features of Cleano:

  1. Clean on Login + Delay Login Clean.
  2. Clean on Timer.
  3. Clean all choices on Log off.
  4. Clean User’s Temp.
  5. Clean User’s Recent Items.
  6. Clean User’s NetHood Items.
  7. Clean User’s Internet Explorer.
  8. Clean User’s Desktop Run History.
  9. Clean Windows Prefetch files.
  10. Clean Windows temp.
  11. Clean User’s Custom folders
  12. Export settings as Registration Files (*.reg)

You can download Cleano freeware software from here.

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