Recently, I had written the article about unlocking of Saudi Arabia Zain E5172AS-22 WiFi router. Like other Huawei FMC routers, as I had mentioned in the unlocking of Huawei B683 (Orange Uganda), STC E5172s-920 (Saudi Telecom company) can not be unlocked. Other routers which come with USB port like E5331, E5332, E5776s, E5830, E583x, E585U-82, E585, E586, E587, E612/E618 and various other R series routers like R201, R210, etc can also be unlocked easily. But, to unlock STC E5172s-920 Huawei WiFi router, neither Huawei modem code writer nor CardLock Unlock tool software will work.
Huawei E5172 WiFi Router Gateway
Huawei E5172 WiFi Router Gateway
Huawei E5172s-920 WiFi router can not be unlocked with FMC unlocker software.

How to Unlock STC (Saudi Telecom Company) Huawei E5172s-920 LTE CPE Router Gateway?

1. Reset the device and connect to Windows PC with its default LAN cable.

2. Browse its default IP address ( from the Internet Explorer.

3. Login to device dashboard with admin username and password.

4. Go to the Settings.

5. Search option for SIMLock / NCK.

6. Enter here correct 8-digit unlock code / NCK.

7. Click Apply.

Now, the device should automatically reboot and show the network of inserted SIM card. If not then, reset the device from its reset button. You should be able to see the network now. Configure the profile according to the new SIM card and make it default. Now you should be able to browse the internet.

Note: Don’t use any wrong / free codes into STC Huawei E5172s-920 Huawei WiFi router gateway, otherwise it will be locked permanently. Place an order at and mention IMEI with model in the transaction. The correct NCK / SIMLock will be delivered to your inbox.

Order Unlock Code of Huawei E5172s-920


  1. How to Unlock STC E5172 (Saudi Telecom company) LTE CPE E5172s-920 ?anyone can help me unlockcode

  2. hello Mr.Kamlesh,can you solve my problem to unlock my STC E5172 (Saudi Telecom company) LTE CPE E5172s-920 ?imei:860453020108171

  3. STC E5172 (Saudi Telecom company) LTE CPE E5172

    imei = 354641010371618
    s/n =P6R7SB93A1100660

  4. STC E5172 (Saudi Telecom company) LTE CPE E5172

    model. E5172s-920
    imie. 354641012842285
    please teach me how to unlock sim card…

    • Change the default sim with another network SIM and plug to PC with LAN cable. It ask for unlock code, if not prompt then go to setting and search for place to enter the unlock code.

  5. please help I can’t do something not easy to send money…
    Model: LTE CPE E5172s-927
    IMEI 354641012897552
    S/N P6R7S14215007458
    can do something Kamlesh? Thank you may Allah be with u

  6. Dear Kamalesh Ji. please help for unlock STC Saudi Arabia E5172 4G LTE CPE E5172s-920 Huawei WiFi Router, I try by your FMC-Unlock but No Device detected by FMC-Unlocker and when i put other sim router it show blocked simcard. pls help me Thanks Ramesh

  7. I got nck code : 10562135 from gsm forum but where i put this code when i put any other sim in router it show blocked simcard. there is now any option to put nck code. pls explane me. Thanks

  8. I try with other sim card but both time SIM Lock Settings message
    The USIM card is permanently locked. Contact your service provider. no any option to put nck code or passwod pls help me if any body knows about it

  9. Ji Kamalesh ji device ko admin password se login karne par baki puri settings hai par sim card only STC Saudi Arab ka hi dalne par signal diplay karta hai. Saudi ka Zain ka sim card dalne par ya India ka Airtel sim dalne par SIM Lock Settings me The USIM card is permanently locked. Contact your service provider. Display karta hai kahi bhi lock code ya password ka option nahi hai. ye router ka main software i mean firmware bhi STC Saudi ka hi hai, Agar aap change karne ka software bata de to shayad lagta hai kaam ho jaye. aapka bataya software updater bhi nahi kaam kar raha. Bahut meaharbani hogi agar aap koi sahi idea diya to. Thanks

    • People have already unlocked so many device with only unlock code, means it ask for unlock code. I have not used personally, so I can not tell you the exact location to enter the unlock code. It may be written unlock code / NCK code / Password.

      • Saudi ka STC ka 4G LTE CPE E5172s-920 Huawei WiFi Router aap jis ko unlock code diya aur sahi huwa aagar aap kisi ka contact de to mera bhi bhala ho sakata hai puch kar

  10. hi mate i like ur guide

    i need your help

    i have a locked device that needs unlock code

    e5172s-920 Saudi Telecom


    can u help me?

  11. Kamalesh Ji can you help me that where i can get flash file I need flash file Huawei E5172As-22 Firmware version: V200R001C375SP050
    Thanks in adwance.

  12. May you help me with this

    I can not use the app because h have mac

    My modem info:
    Hardware version:
    Firmware version:

    Thank you

    • There is only once option with this router, Change the default SIM with another network, plug to PC with LAN cable, login to router and search option for NCK / unlock / password and enter the code.
      If not work, then I have no solution.

  13. hi Kamlesh Kumar
    i try use fmc unlocker programe but it give me (NO device dectected) why?
    Do you have any other programme

  14. kamlesh kumar can u help me reply me on this comment i am ready to pay but there is no pay pall account with me so can i use or unlock this device any other process

  15. how can i update or change the firmware, it has a custom firmware and also 3g block and only 4g allowed 🙁
    country srilanka
    model e5172s-920

  16. How can we configure the unlocked device? Currently I am opening the site or homerouter.cpe for STC? If I will switch to mobily than how can we configure the router and which site we will have to open for amending our preferences?

  17. Hi Kamalesh,

    Is it possible to unlock the Airtel India supplied E5172 with the intention of using the device in Bridge Mode to work with the existing home router doing the routing? Also, will the device work with a pre-paid 4G LTE SIM meant for mobile devices?

    Thanks in advance!

  18. hello i have HUAWEI LTE CPE E5172 from stc saudi arabia and i want it to change to other network provider it is possible? can u halp me.. and what will i do. can u find the unlock code then email me at

    Product Information







    Hardware version:


    Firmware version:


  19. hello Mr kamlesh .kumar i have a problem with my huawei pocket wifi ang its lock to globe philippines and i want it to change in other network provoder here are the details of my gadget HUAWEI MOBILE WIFI E5330 MODEL; E5330Bs-2
    EMEI; 865706027979505 it is possible to unlock i put another sim provider but it says unlock code help me please

  20. unlock Huawei E5172S 927 STC router

    Important! It is better to use a LAN cable to connect to the router not

    Download the firmware named: E5172S-920_Anti_STC_927_Update from the link below. The firmware unlocks the router by
    downgrading it’s firmware to the
    firmware for E5172s 920.

    Access router manager by entering
    (also written on the bottom of the router) into your web browser.

    Enter the user name and password for the router
    ( default user: admin password: admin)

    From the HOME page go to UPDATE.

    Click on
    browse to navigate to the place
    where you downloaded the E5172S-920_Anti_STC_927_Update file too and click on open to select it.

    Press update and wait for it to finish. When it
    has finished click on login to once again login to the router manager.

    Download the update firmware from
    the following link or any other firmware you want. Different firmware give
    access to different features available on the router that STC block, such as,
    external antenna, voice calls, different frequencies etc. The linked firmware
    unlocks most of the stuff.!sQxFWR4I!nwuYOOYj1Yzicrp6jLzOW3386g1SNVODek_y2vM0Fdc

    Search the
    folder until you locate file named: MPWUDPUPDATE_V200R001C115SP100.BIN

    Once again, login to the router manger and
    update the firmware following the previous steps (4 – 6).

    When it has completed updating, login again.
    That’s it! Your router is now unlocked

    If you want to update the firmware you have to
    first update with the file named: E5172s-927_AntiOM100.BIN then update with your desired firmware.

    Credit for the links to the files goes out to HAMD.G

  21. hi mr. kamles kumar i have nokia lumia 521 windows phone and its lock on t-mobile IMEI 355913059108741
    in my country there is no software to unlock that. how can i used that phone sir it it possible to unlock please help

  22. hi! i need ur help to unlock my huwaie stc 4g router… model E5 172S 927… IMEI is 35464 10110 42671… but i read ur comments below and i dont have paypal to repay u… i still wanted to unlock this router because stc have the poorest signal in my place… that’s why i need to change network… thank u for ur understanding…

  23. Model E5172s-920

    I don’t have PayPal account right now 🙁 can you plz send me unlock code for this router i really need it.

  24. My friend who resigned from our company left his stc e5172s-927 to me as a token. I don’t have any pay pal so please could you help me obtaining the unlock code? The imei is 354641010294414, thanks in advance my friend.

  25. sir can u help me i want to unlock my router and i also dnt have pay pal acount & credit card plz send me my router password to unlock i am very thankfull of you beacause i dnt have another way
    my router detail
    IMEI :354641018785983
    S/N : P6R7S14B26005083

  26. Hello I have tried everything but I have vervacation faild please help me to unlock my router E5172s 927


  27. hi can anyone help with my HUAWEI LTE CPE E5172As-22 router from saudi arabia and its lock by zain arabia. EMEI|: 869763010109406 SN:A8Y5TA9342800740 i put other sim card says SIM LOCK and need unlock code please help

  28. can I use this modem only as a router since I have got a cable service provider who is providing the internet service along with a modem. I just want to use this as a wi fi router. Is it possible??

  29. I tried using your file to flash my router E5172bs-925 and i am getting verification failed. What do i do sir? Please help me out. Thank you sir

  30. Good Day Sir!
    Can you please help me to unlock my Huawei LTE CPE E5172
    Model: E5172s – 927
    IMEI : 354641011951913
    Thanks in Advance 😀
    Please I wish you can help me with it 😀
    May God Blessed you Always ^_^

  31. hello brother plz help me to unlock my go router(saudi arabia)
    huawei e5172s-927 and its imei is 866840022873659 plz help me to unlock this router may Allah blessed you my broyher plz help meee

  32. Please sir i dont have any credit card and from where i get the code in your given website if you can give me over here i will be thankful to you.
    My router huawei e5172Bs-925 and its IMEI is 357500041848597.

    Thanks a lot sir, I appreciate your help.

  33. Is there anyone to help me to unlock my (HUAWEI) Stc router.
    Model No.: E5172s – 927
    IMEI : 354641010221771
    S/N : P6R7SB93A0902178


  34. Hello im new her in this site
    I want you to UNLOCK my stc router.

    T H A N K Y O U
    G O D B L E S S Y O U
    & YOUR
    S I T E

  35. Hello,
    Please can I get Unlock Code and Flash Code for 869763011731554

    Please i have been searching endlessly and i would be very grateful.
    Thank You.

  36. sir kumar please help me i dont know how to use paypal, ana maskin,plese help me unlock
    router details is

    thanks in advance!

  37. Hi sir
    Can you please help me to unlock my Huawei LTE CPE E5172
    Model: E5172As – 22
    IMEI : 869763016384730
    Thanks in Advance

  38. huawei lte cpe e5172s-920
    IMEI 860453022356354

    Please help me from Nigeria and i would connect you to a seller that wants to unlock a lot for sale in Nigeria. Can’t pay cash but i can pay in kind

  39. Sir, I don’t have a Paypal account and i am writing all the way from West Africa. My router model is LTE CPE E5172 IMEI 869763011046011. I would pay if i could have a way to do so. unfortunately all three listed methods above a not possible from where i am writing. Thank your for your kindness.

    IMEI 354641018473281
    MODEL E5172s-927

  41. Please help I can’t do something not easy to send money…
    Model: LTE CPE E5172s-927
    IMEI 860453021109111
    S/N C5P5TB9351500099
    Can do something Kamlesh?
    Thank you may ALLAH be with u

  42. Dear Kamlesh,
    I am stuck with the STC E5172s-927. The IMEI is 354641012216571 and the sr. no. is P6R7SB93C0301800. Pleaser provide me the unlock code, I am unable to pay.

  43. huawei LTE CPE E5172

    please help me ,if i loose this router in this week ,maybe next 6 month ( until i finish my contract ) i can not access INTERNET . i can unable to pay in this moment am in a trouble please help me ,
    IMEI: 354641013103182
    S/N : P6RBY14224003860

  44. Dear Sir,
    i am from hyderabad India. i am working in Saudi Arabia. last month i unlocked my mobily 4g modem and all sim are working here in KSA but the same i tried in India by inserting the Airtel Sim, it showing no signal. can u please help me how to use this router in india by Airtel Sim.

    Thank you in advance

  45. Hi Mr. Kamalesh,

    I have this portable stc wifi

    IMEI: 862554024550488
    Model No: E5372-5F79

    I would be grateful if you unlock this sir, kindly help

  46. Hi
    Kamlesh Am facing the same problem with my Huawei CPE E5172 internet showing disconnected & network showing strong.
    i am using stc data sim card .i have installed FMC tool and tried to unlocked. It is saying no device is detected

    Please help me

  47. Hello Sir.
    I have Zain 4g router E5172As-22 and i need help to unlock please!!

    Please help me, I am a student and i dont have credit card so i can’t pay through paypal 🙁

    Thank you kind sir.

  48. MODEL: E5172s-927
    IMEI: 866840021633476

    Dear sir, I am from Nepal, I don’t have paypal account and I don’t have any idea to send money for you. I need my device unlock. Please help me sir.
    Thank you.

  49. Hi sir Kamlesh, can you help me how to unlock my router i dont have many to pay you but allah will. thank you and more power sir

    Product Information
    Hardware version:
    Firmware version:

  50. Please I am in Nigeria we don’t do PayPal and Credit cards.
    Help me with unlock code.
    Huawei E5172Bs-925 ( E5172 ) -Spectranet Nigiria – 357500043734027

  51. My device is asking for sim lock code but I am not sure about creating a new profile. Please point me in the right direction on how to verify this.

  52. Sir Kamlesh Kumar …
    I Have Huawei E5172 By STC …
    I dont any PayPal and Credit Card to send u money … I am from Jeddah Saudia Arabia … if u will meet than i ll give ur fees … Kindly Tell me my Router Unlock Key … I wanna use my Zain KSA Data Sim …

    IMEI 866840023336029
    S/N P6R7S15513003968

    U can also contact me on my Whatsapp 00966-59-7188133
    Or Mail me … Shukran

  53. If u Send me Another Unlock Key of my Second Router of Same Model and Company … But Its

    IMEI Num is 860453021276241
    s/n c5p5tb9352509612

  54. Hi Kamlesh

    I am Using Huwaie Router LTE CPE E5172

    wi fi SSID Airtel_E5172_CC39

    Can i Unlock this its Indian Model and operator is airtel

    if possible then tell me the process.


  55. Dear sir kamlesh
    I am a student and donot have credit card or paypal account.
    I need your kind help to unlock my stc router e5172s 920.
    Imei 860453021464235
    S/n c5pbyb9352802411.
    Looking forward for your kindness.

  56. Dear sir I am Raa Zan from Nepal. I pleased to say sorry again. I got some difficulties and problem. It says SIM card lock permanently but I can’t find where to put these unlock key . will you please define me to put these lock.
    Raa Zan

  57. Dear Kamlesh,

    I need your help to unlock my E5271s-920 – STC – KSA, Kindly find the below given details for further procedure,

    IMEI – 860453020853024
    SN: C5P5TB9350410490

  58. Dear Kamlesh,

    Kindly check your paypal, Device is asking for unlock code. kindly advise me after putting the unlock code, is my device work with different networks

  59. Dear Kamlesh Sir,
    Greetings from Dharmendra

    Hi sir,
    We are BSc-III yr. electronics students from India, we in a group purchase the router but we had problem with Airtel 4g (APN) service provider and USIM card is permanently locked and stop the services, hence we are unable to complete our projects in time pls. we do not have money to pay too, pls. help us to provide the unblocking code ASAP,

    Our Router is HUAWEI LTE CPE E5172_5CD4

    Sir, will be very grateful to your help in need, will put your name as an contributor’s list of our project publication report
    pls. help us.

    In case If the payment is mandatory through pay pal we will arrange to pay perhaps pls. help us to restart the modem to complete our project in time.
    Thanks and best regards,

  60. Sure Sir will pay you once complete project in a month hope its ok for you, perhaps I have a question will we able to unlock it as the message says USIM card is permanently locked, pls. email us the un-locking process details and code at, how longer will it takes to generate the unlocking code and kick restart our router
    With best regards,

  61. Hi kamlesh,

    You are doing a great job. Appreciate unlock code for
    IMEI: 860 453 021 255 708
    S/N: C5P5 TB93 5250 7558
    MODEL: E5172s – 920


  62. Kamlesh, i am a student and dont know abt payment procdure could you help me to provide huwei router.


  63. Dear Kamlesh sir,
    Router is failing to connect to internet, The sim I am using is tesed with D-Link mobile wifi router and working perfectly perhaps not working with Our Router is HUAWEI LTE CPE E5172_5CD4
    IMEI:357500041691542, what shall i do.??? pls. help ASAP

  64. I have 3G mobile pls. provide app link for my JIO that provides codes to work for 3g mobile I tried lot nothing works pls. help

  65. thanks Kamlesh, I am not able to get to the point where I put in the codes following your instructions, can you please assist.

  66. whats the solution for “the usim card is permanently locked. contact your service provider”
    Product Information
    Airtel India Huawei E5172Bs-925
    Hardware version:
    Firmware version:
    Firmware build time:
    10/26/2013 17:43:05

  67. Hello – i Have huawei router E5172s-927 from GO Telecom, Saudi Arabia.
    IMEI – 354641017855142

    Please help me unlock this. I have checked the previous posts, where in you have mentioned imei starting with 35 is difficult to unlock. why is that exactly?
    I cannot do paypal recharge, instead suggest me an alternate mode of payment.
    you are doing a great service… Thanks in advance…

  68. Hello Mr Kamlesh Kumar
    am a student from Nigeria i have read your post and reply can you help me unlock my Huawei E5172s-920 LTE CPE Router. I would be waiting for your reply so i can send the IMEI.
    Thanks God bless

  69. Dear Kamlesh Kumar,

    I don’t have paypal account, however, I would like to pay from Credit Card. Can you please let me know the process. Also the please share the code for the below specifications.

    Also, provide me the process of how to input the unlock code as the above steps are not available.

    Product Information
    Model: E5172s-927
    SN: P6R7S15228013989
    IMEI: 866840021083961
    Hardware version: Ver.B
    Firmware version: V200R001C1206SP063

  70. dear Mr Kamlesh Kumar
    i dont have paypal am a student i sent you a mail this is my device detail kindly assist with unlock code. i have like share and follow ur work on FB, G+ and twitter
    Device model : huawei E5172-920
    Service provider : spectranet nigeria
    IMEI: 860453021942388.
    Allah Bless you

  71. hello sir
    please help me unlock my Huawei E5172Bs-925 LTE CPE Router.

    Product Information
    Model: E5172Bs-925
    SN: M7G7S14708003353
    IMEI: 357500041583442

  72. Hi Kamlesh,

    Can u help me unlock my Huawei STC mifi router.

    Product details:
    Model: E5372Ts-601
    SN: T9HBY15108006122
    IMEI: 862554023396040

  73. Hi Kamlesh,

    Can u help me unlock my Huawei STC router.

    I just paid paypal receipt number 2VE65184EP67930R, my IMEI 866840021374196 huawai E5172

    Please send to me code number

  74. Dear Kamlesh sir,

    I am Student. Please kindly help me I will be grateful to you.

    Model: Huawei LTE CPE E5172 – 927
    IMEI: 354641010752700
    S/N : P6R7SB93A2704765

  75. dear kamlesh kumar..i have router stc e-5172..i have to unlock these..but the problem is i have no paypal account…i am nowin saudi arabia..

  76. Kamlesh Bhai

    Model: E5172s-927
    S/No: P6R7SB93B0101959
    IMEI: 354641011104588

    Payment is not possible due to shortage of tools. Hope you understand. Pls help with the username, password and unlock code.

    Thanks in advance.

  77. hello Mr.Kamlesh

    if you don’t mind can you unlock my Huawei STC router
    Unfortunately I don’t have credit card to pay you 🙁
    I’ll be grateful if you understand my situation thank you

    Model: E5172s-920
    S/No: C5P5TB9361701681
    IMEI: 860453021765912


  78. Dears,
    can u plz unlock my STC router?? can u unlock it first then ill pay cuz i cannot find setting in the dashboard.

    Model: E5172s-927 in dashbord showing E5172s- 920
    S/No: P6R7SB93A2702813
    IMEI: 354641010733189

  79. sir i have no money bcz i am a student write now…. plz sir help me my router imei no 357500041685528 plz sir send me unlock code

  80. i have huawei lte cpe E5172 STC
    when i open it its show all lights open and not connect with pc
    whats that means?
    how to solve this problem
    i m trying to open with stc sim but didn’t work
    Imei : 860453021869805

  81. I just made a Paypal payment to kamlesh&&&&&
    Receipt number: 5SC4579497156350E
    IMEI: 860453022208334
    Huawei E5172s-920

    Please send me a confirmation email and the unlock code.
    Thank you.


  83. Kamalesh ji
    Can u help me huwei lte cpe 5172 modem unlock
    Plz bai i dont have money plz help me god blessu

  84. please give me unlock code for huawei E-5172s-920. IMEI: 860453021292990 lock with STC. I have Visa card but do not have Paypal account. Please help

  85. Hi Mr.Kamlesh

    I have paid through payumoney

    please provide me the unlock code

    Model: E5172As-22
    S/No: A8Y7S15616007564
    IMEI: 869763019079063

  86. Hello, kindly help me unlock my E5172s-920 modem, IMEI:860453022516629. I do not have pay pal account and can’t access credit card due to my financial situation. I will be glad if you can help me. Thanks in anticipation.

  87. Please help me unlock my modem. I do not have money to pay, I am a student and I am broke. Please help me. My modem is E5172s-920, IMEI number is 860453021939020. Thanks and God bless.

  88. My E5172 -920 STC saudiao : My imei number is 860453020393369. Want the unlock USIM code. I dont have online things in my village to pay. I can pray only.

  89. Model: E5172Bs-925
    SN: M7G7S14828001271
    IMEI: 357500042029254
    Hardware version: Ver.B
    Firmware version: V200R001C1226SP451
    Firmware build time: 6/24/2015 10:02:21


  90. Please can you send pin number to change APN of my device
    Model no MODEL : E5172s-927

    ime no 354641017105530

    S/N :P6R7S14722005433

    I have no PayPal so please kindly send me the PIN(unlock) code

  91. Hello Sir, Is it possible to unlock a Router that has a customized firmware by Dialog Telecom Sri Lanka. If its possible, let me know. Please state the required amount of credit too.

    IMEI: 860453022775621
    Model: LTE CPE E5172
    Carrier: Dialog Telecom Sri Lanka

  92. Model: LTE CPE E5172s-927
    IMEI 354641014549268
    S/N P6R7S14404000696
    can do something Kamlesh? Thank you may Allah be with u

    IMEI: 357500043789781
    S/N: M7G7S15131003988
    MODEL: E5172BS-925

  94. Hi! I bought from ebay router Huawei:
    Model: E5172s-920
    SN: C5P5TB9333000090
    IMEI: 860453020014726
    Hardware version: Ver.B
    Firmware version: V200R001C76SP051
    The router had to be unlocked, but most of the functions are disabled. Wenn I try to update, I receibve the message:
    The router is in equipment mode and cannot be updated. Switch to normal mode and try again.
    I can access the router trough web menu.
    Can you help me?

  95. Hi Sir Can you help me unlock my Huawei E5172s-927 STC Saudi
    IMEI: 866840020334746
    SN: P6R7S15126006867
    Thank You and God Bless

  96. dear sir. i have a Huawei E5172 router. can you help me for unlock it.
    IMEI- 860453022937999
    Model – E5172S-920

  97. Hi Sir Can you help me unlock my Huawei E5172s-920 STC Saudi
    IMEI: 860453020770038
    SN: c5p5TB9350402191
    Thank You and God Bless

  98. Hello Sir,

    Hope you are doing good.
    huawei LTE CPE E5172
    LOCKED TO ZAIN network in saudi arabia.
    Imei 869763011980045
    model e5172as-22

    what do I do to use it on stc network? any help will be highly appreciated.

  99. dear kamlesh ,

    I have stc router and need to unlock
    could you please suggest,
    reply on my mail (aasl****

    Thanks & Regards

  100. I have the Huawei E5372-852F
    IMEI 862554020567643
    I have tried many IP numbers to access the device ,,,, all failed
    any ideas Please

  101. Hai,

    Is there any way to pay for unblock code. I am from Saudi Arabia Jeddah my IMEI is 860453021326905, make i think Huwai

  102. Dear
    Plz help me to get free unlock for Huawei Lte cpe E5172 IMEI is 860453021326905 From Jeddah. I don’t have any account PayPal online banking.

  103. Hello sir i don’t have any paypal or account to pay if possible you can help i am just a student and still my money is not enough. Thank You!

  104. Hi Sir Can you help me unlock my Huawei E5172As-22.
    IMEI: 869763016635073
    SN: A8Y7S15129001515
    Thank You and God Bless

  105. hi Brother Kamalesh. Huawei LTE CPE E5172 povided by STC, I couldnt find the SIM LOCK OPTION. Please help me where to enter unlock code. IMEI: 354641012835289. Reply to my mail ID: Thanks in advace. My god bless you…

  106. Hi Sir Can you help me unlock my Huawei LTE CPE E5172_A013 provide by airtel
    IMEI: 357500041597301
    SN: M7G7S14708004739

  107. hello sir i m using idea(india) sim but it does not show any sim lock code option so how can i manage it plz resolve my query as soon as possible

  108. Hello sir I m using LTE CPE E5172s–927 with STC Sim in Jeddah. Recently bought new Sim from STC but it’s not showing any network signals on router however the Sim is working fine on mobile data. Do I need to change the configuration?

  109. i have tried to made payment from Nigeria through, payment not going. my friend mistakenly input a code without my attention. and the router is not seeing sim card again. please what can i do.


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