Today, I unlocked one Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway. Like other Huawei FMC routers , as i mentioned unlocking solutions for B683 orange Uganda in this article, Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway can also be unlocked. Other routers which comes with USB port like Huawei E5331, Huawei E5332, Huawei E5776s, Huawei E5830, Huawei E583x, Huawei E585U-82, Huawei E585, Huawei E586, Huawei E587, Huawei E612/E618 and various other R series routers like R201, R210, Unlock huawei  can also be unlocked easily. But, to Unlock Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway, Huawei modem code writer or CardLock unlock tool software will  not work.
Huawei E5172 WiFi Router Gateway
Huawei E5172 WiFi Router Gateway
Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway can be unlocked with FMC unlocker software and some guidelines which i will provide you. Unlock Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway Free

How to Unlock Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway :

  1. Download FMC unlocker software from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now disconnect from the internet and eject the router from PC.
  3. Now run the FMC unlocker.
  4. Now connect Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway to PC using LAN port.
  5. Now your Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway will be detected by FMC Unlocker.
  6. Now put password as unlock code and click on Unlock.
  7. Now your Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway is unlocked forever.
  8. Now you can enjoy Unlocked Saudi Arabia E5172 (e5172As-22) Zain WiFi Router Gateway with any another network provider sim on the world.

Note : Don’t use any wrong codes into Saudi Arabia e5172As-22 Zain WiFi Router Gateway, otherwise your Saudi Arabia E5172  Zain Router will be locked permanently. Either purchase from any server or contact to get unlock code for any Huawei router in cheapest rates @2.38$. Or just pay for router code through paypal button and I will contact you.

Note : Users who are facing problems with above procedure, just change the sim and connect to PC, Saudi Arabia E5172As-22 Zain WiFi router will ask you for unlock code, put unlock code and enjoy.


  1. hello i tried to unlock but the router restart and stuck on boot loop and all lights are switched on , Also i can’t access the router from my pc ….. please help …..

  2. Hi, Kamlesh, I have a E5172as-22 with customized firmware, swedish tre network. the router seems unlocked. I put my own sim and I make my profile. The router connects to my network, but some features are missing, for example I have no cs voice. I found a universal firmware, but during the updating says “verification failed”, I’ ve tried another firmware to update, but keeps saying the same message, Can you help me? Thank you in advance.

      • Thank you very much for the reply. The firm on the router is V200R001C1225SP100, 12/24/2013. The firm I found on the net is E5172As-22_V200R001C00SP201_Universal.BIN, date is PERHAPS 2/18/2014. I enter the interface by putting admin/admin as username /password and go to home>update. But “verification failed” during update procedure. Should I put other privileges than admin/admin in order to have admins rights or find somewhere else a different firm or rename the firm I have to something else or do what? Thank you for your time!

          • Thank for your advice! I opened the universal firmware I found on the net with a hex editor. The comments are in Chinese, but I managed to find the lines of built date, built time and firmware version. What to modify? The date? The firmware version? The firm in the router is V200R001C1225SP100. Modify the universal firmware’s version to v200R001C1225SP201 ? Modify date and version?

              • I changed the version and the verification is passed. The update succeeded. I hit and I see a multilingual router’s login page. But when I hit admin/admin as username/password, says “wrong username or password”. I reset the router twice without result. You think I’ ve lost the router?

                  • very strange! Everything is working on the login page, I can change the language, it gives out right signals about wifi, sim card etc, but doesn’t accept any combination of username/password. probably the firm isn’t well updated and is malfunctioning. Is there any other way to flash it again? I’m very sorry I bother you

                    • Dear Sevastanag,

                      Did you succeed in upgrading and unlocking the feature. If yes, please let me know what to edit in hex file and what was the password you used ?

                    • I upgraded the firmware successfully But i tried password combinations. none working. Did you find any password which is working. Please help me.

                    • Unfortunately my friend, I found no password suitable. I think that happens due to a problematic upgrade. After a lot of searching I found a second firmware and trying to upgrade via the Huawei updater tool, I bricked the router. End of story.

  3. Dear Kamlesh sir I have Huawei router LTE CPE E5172, which I already unlocked before 6 months and till yesterday working very well with ZAIN ksa data sim, unfortunately yesterday router their is signal network and everything was normal but internet accessing no more, I try make reset and every thing but not possible to access internet, after In same router I enter other provider sim card like mobily and change apn setting working well, I have issue only Zain sim card, also same Zain sim I check to other router is working well, please anyone can solve the issue.

  4. I have unlocked my modem using unlock code but 4g network other than zain is not working now… Should i install a new firmware now?

  5. Hi, I can’t download the software to unlock my Huawei E5172As-22. Can you send me the download link in my email. Then I will pay for the code if it possible to unlock. Thanks.


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