Unlocking of Vodafone R205 which are locked in Ireland is also possible with correct NCK code. If you are going away from your native place and there is no Vodafone signal there, then you can use other network SIM card.


Vodafone R205 Huawei
Vodafone R205 Huawei

How to unlock your Vodafone R205 Ireland Huawei WiFi Mobile Router?

1. Make sure that your Vodafone R205 (Ireland) Huawei WiFi mobile router is fully charged.

2. Now connect the pocket router to Windows PC via its default USB cable.

3. Now open internet explorer and in the address bar type the following:

4. Now put the correct unlock or sim lock code of your router and click on Apply and then continue.

5. Now your Vodafone R205 which was locked to Ireland carrier will be rebooted.

6. Now switch off the Vodafone R205 Ireland Huawei WiFi Mobile router and change the default SIM with any another network provider SIM card and connect to PC and then create a new profile to continue browsing.

Note: Don’t put any free/wrong codes into your Vodafone R205 Huawei WiFi mobile router, otherwise it will be locked permanently.

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