Let’s have a look at the Huawei E5573 sub-models, which are currently tested and unlockable.

  1. Orange France 4G Airbox Huawei E5573bs-320
  2. Orange Poland Huawei E5573s-320 MiFi WiFi router
  3. Huawei E5573s-856 (MTN Ivory Coast) – Needs to shot the boot.
  4. Idea Huawei E5573s-606 – Needs to shot the boot.
  5. E5573s-606 Spectranet MiFi of Nigeria
  6. Huawei E5573s-320 router of EE (UK) and Optus (Australia)
  7. MTS 8210FT (Huawei E5573S-156) of Russia
  8. Huawei E5573BS-320 Beeline router of Russia
  9. Airtel’s Huawei E5573s-606 Mobile WiFi Router – New model also supported after boot shot.

Finally, the universal solution is available, which works with all sub-models of E5573, that is, boot-shot.

Huawei E5573

Requirements for unlocking of Unlock Huawei E5573s-508 (Personal Argentina):

  1. Firmware Huawei E5573s-508 Update Universal
  2. Huawei E5573s-156 Firmware (General)
  3. DC Unlocker
  4. Huawei Mobile Partner

How to Unlock Huawei E5573s-508 (Personal Argentina) Mobile WiFi Router?

Once you have downloaded all the required files, you are ready for unlocking of Huawei E5573s-508 (Personal Argentina) mobile WiFi router.

  1. Connect your Huawei E5573s-508 router to a PC or laptop with its default USB cable.

2. Extract all the downloaded zip file using WinRAR.

3. Disconnect the internet and close the WebUI of the device.

4. Run E5573s-508 Update Exe file.

It will ask your firmware code, either generate from the universal master code tool or leave a comment.

5. Enter the correct firmware code as a password and wait until the firmware update wizard is finished.

Note: PC / laptop will not be able to detect the device.

6. Now install Huawei Mobile Partner.

7. Wait till finish and if Huawei Mobile Partner is already running on PC, then close it.

8. Launch the DC-Unlocker as administrator.

9. Detect the device under it.

10. Go to the end of the result and type of the following:


11. Hit Enter from the keyboard.

12. You will get some NV codes in hash format; keep it in a notepad. The Hash code will be converted into the unlock code, and after receiving the payment of 6 USD, it will be emailed to you back.

Soon after getting the unlock code, update the device with E5573s-156 firmware version Now, change the default SIM with another network provider. Connect to PC with a USB cable. Log in to the device using admin/admin. It will redirect you to the unlocking page. Enter the code which you got through email and enjoy.

Update I: Claro of the Dominican Republic is also providing Huawei E5573s-508. It comes with hardware version CL1E5573SM, firmware version, and Web UI version It is also unlockable, and the above-mentioned procedure works.

Update II: Movistar carrier of Nicaragua provides the E5573s-508 router, which comes with firmware version and WebUI Unlocking this device is also possible with the above-mentioned procedure.

Update III: WOM CHILE operator has also launched Huawei E5573s-508, which comes with firmware version and Web UI It can also be unlocked with the above procedure.


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