Orange carrier of Romania has launched Huawei E3372h-153 dongle which comes with firmware version It can also be unlocked with correct SIMLock code but needs to change the firmware first.

How to Unlock Huawei E3372h-153 Orange Romania Modem with Firmware

1. Download the firmware update of Huawei E3372h-153 v

2. Extract in PC with WinRAR software.

3. Now download the universal master code calculator tool.

4. Run the code calculator tool and from the Huawei tab generate the flash or firmware code (You can also leave a comment with model and IMEI to get the firmware code free or watch the video and generate for yourself).

5. Now connect the Orange E3372 dongle to PC.

6. Close the software of Orange or Huawei mobile partner of the device.

7. Run the firmware update

8. When the firmware update asks you for the password, then use flash or firmware code.

9. Wait till finish wizard.

10. Now download dc unlocker.

11. Run the DC unlocker and click the search button.

12. At the end of the result of DC unlocker, paste the following command as you can see in the image:


13. Press Enter from the keyboard.

11. Copy the whole results from dc unlocker and keep in a notepad. Same time pay 6 USD through PayPal button of this website and mention model with IMEI in the transactions. I will contact by email and will ask you for NV hash code. Once hash code provided, within 8 hrs your unlock code will be sent by email.

Update: T-Mobile in Slovakia and in other countries also providing E3372h-153. It comes with firmware version and dashboard version: Win2015-02-10_2015-05-19_Mac3.4.8_3.4.8. It can be unlocked without changing the firmware. Unlock code charge is only 6USD.

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