In the market, same model dongle is available in hilink and non-hilink mode. You can find E303, E3131, E3256, etc in hilink and non-hilink format. Hilink to normal and normal to hilink convertion of the Huawei dongle is possible, because of firmware availability.

Our team has converted non-hilink Huawei E3372s into hilinkE3272 normal to HilinkE303h from non-hilink to hilink, E3372H normal to hilink and E3276 hilink to normal. Now you can convert your E3276 normal dongle into hilink also. This solution was tested on Airtel E3276 dongle which comes with firmware version

Airtel 4G LTE E3276
Airtel 4G LTE E3276

How to Convert Huawei E3276 Modem into Hi-Link Dongle?

1. Make sure your device is already unlocked, if not then purchase the SIMlock code then proceed with further steps.

2. Connect the E3276 non-hilnk dongle to Windows PC and let it install all the drivers are software which are required to run.

3. Download Huawei E3276s-920 firmware update.

4. Extract using WinRAR and update the dongle.

Note: Device may ask you for firmware code, you can generate flash code here or leave a comment with model and IMEI to get the firmware code.

5. Now update the PC with hilink drivers.

6. Finally download and run the WebUI update of E3256s v, which is compatible with Huawei E3276 dongle.

Once able steps are completed, you have a hilink E3276 in your hand.


  1. Hi, i am stuck in the step 6… i have installed the Hilink drivers that you posted and now Windows recognizes the device as an NDIS device (thats good), but when i run the webUI Update Wizard, i get the error code 10… the dongle don’t change it’s usb mode to the firmware update mode, and i cannot access the dongle through a web browser because it doesn’t have any webUI installed!. What can i do to put the dongle in firmware update mode?

  2. Great the only issue i have is that I want the gateway to be and its, how would I change this? If I go into the network IPV4 settings, only seems to work with as if the gateway is hard coded, but at least I’m way further along! Great information here!

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