I have previously shared the unlocking solution of Huawei B890 WiFi router gateway. After that one person unlocked his DREI (3) Austria Huawei B890 WiFi MiFi router gateway with mentioned procedure. Before this article, I had shared Download link of  Huawei E3272 modem firmware and software update as well as  Download link of Huawei firmware update of Huawei E589 & E589u WiFi router also.

Huawei B890 WiFi Router Gateway
Huawei B890 WiFi Router Gateway

It is currently available in the following countries and network locked:

  1. China Unicom
  2. Hungary Telenor
  3. Austria H3G
  4. Austria Hutchison
  5. AMSS Malaysia Maxis
  6. USA Alltel
  7. Brazil viVivo

  8. MSS Bangladesh
  9. Austria Hutchison
  10. Singapore
  11. Malaysia maxis
  12. USA Alltel
  13. Canada Telus
  14. Canada-Telus
  15. Chile Telefonica
  16. Kuwait Zain
  17. Sudan Zain
  18. Norway
  19. Koweit Zain
  20. Bolivia Entel
  21. Sudan Zain

Presently, there is no firmware update is available for Huawei B890 router, as soon as possible I will share the firmware download link.

Order Unlock Code of B890



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