Previously, I have unlocked so many Huawei B260a baseland router gateway of various network provider of various countries. Today, In this post, we will consolidate all in one place. To unlock Huawei B260a router, you need a correct unlock code and unlocking tool. Huawei B260A router does not ask for password and to send the SIMlock code you need a tool, which is called FMC unlock. FMC unlock is a great software which can detect the device which is connected with LAN port.

Unlock B260A, B960 and B970 Router using FMC unlock software
Unlock B260A, B960 and B970 Router using FMC unlock software

A List of Huawei B260A Baseland Router Gateway of various Network provider of different countries, for which I can provide the unlock code:

  1. B260a Austria Mobilkom
  2. B260a Chile Entel
  3. B260a Croatia Vipnet
  4. B260a Slovak Telekom
  5. B260a Argentina Claro
  6. B260a Sweden HI3G
  7. B260a Armenia Orange
  8. B260a Portugal Optimus
  9. B260a Mobilkom Australia
  10. B260a Armenia Orange
  11. B260a Zain Kuwait
  12. B260a Zambia Airtel
  13. B260a Orange Dominican Republic
  14. B260a Orange Uganda
  15. B260a Sweden Tele2
  16. B260a Vodafone Romania
  17. B260a Orange Tunisia

What is the reason FMC Unlock Freeware tool does not detect the Huawei B260a Baseland Router Gateway?

Various users face the problem that FMC unlock does not detect his router. I want to share one main important thing about FMC unlock software that it works with a particular IP address ( So, while using FMC unlock tool then make sure that your router IP address is changed as Also make sure that there is no software or browser using your Huawei router, otherwise, FMC will not work.

What is the reason for putting the unlock code in FMC Unlock tool, unlock option does not highlight?

If your router drivers are not properly installed then FMC unlock tool will not work properly. You can download the latest Huawei drivers from this article.

Users who want to change the firmware can download the B260a firmware from this link.

Order Unlock Code of Huawei B260a


  1. Help ,

    Assist me to unlock :

    Model : Huawei B260a
    IMEI : 358 707 035 004 884
    S/N : J0A6RC92A1000400

    Network : Orange Uganda (now called Africell)


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