Unlocking of Beeline Russia E3131 and Orange Tunisia Huawei E3131 dongle can be done easily with a correct SIMlock code. Today, we have also unlocked the Huawei B260a router of Tunisia Orange. To unlock the B260a you need a correct unlock code as well as unlocking tool.

How to Unlock Orange Tunisia Huawei B260a Router Gateway?

1. Download FMC unlocker.

2. Now disconnect the internet and eject the router from PC.

3. Run the FMC unlocker.

4. Now connect Orange Tunisia Huawei B260a router to PC using original LAN cable with LAN port of PC.

5. Now your Orange Tunisia Huawei B260a router will be detected by FMC Unlocker tool.

6. Now put password as unlock code and click on Unlock button.

7. Now your Orange Huawei B260a gateway is unlocked forever.

8. Now create a new profile and enjoy the unlocked Orange Tunisia Huawei B260a router with any another network provider sim in the world.

Note: Don’t use any wrong or free codes into Orange Tunisia Huawei B260a router, otherwise it will be locked permanently.

You can also download the firmware upgrade of Orange Tunisia Huawei B260a gateway. After that go to your routers homepage Ex. (x.x may be 0.0 or 0.1 or 1.1). Now click on the administration tab. Select the (firmware upgrade). Here you will find “Please select a file to upgrade ______________________ Browse”.

Click on the browse button and locate the firmware bin file.

Locate your file then scroll down and click on upgrade. This may take a few seconds and when the meter is done click on the continue button and you should have an updated firmware for your router.


  1. can you please help me with the unlock code for orange tunisia huawei b260a router gateway ?
    imei 358707033321520. i make the firmware upgrade from vodafone conect.thank you

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