Huawei had recently launched E3231 Hi link dongle in the market. I have already provided the unlocking solution of Huawei E3231 Hilink modem. Today, one person updated his unlocked Hilink E3231 Hi-link data card with Huawei Hi Link Web UI and after that his modem was bricked. The only green light was blinking.

Unlock Huawei E3231 Modem Dongle
Unlock Huawei E3231 Modem Dongle

Good news for those, who have already bricked his Huawei E3231 Hilink dongle and not able to connect his E3231 modem to the internet. Now repair solution is available for E3231 Hi link modem as well as Huawei E355 and Huawei E3276.


Why modem gets bricked?


Every model, it may be Huawei, ZTE, Micromax, Alcatel, Sierra wireless etc, have unique coding done by the programmer. While updating or changing the firmware, actually you are editing that internal program. If the program will match correctly then well and good, and if it does not match then your dongle will be bricked.


After bricking the modem, either it may be permanently dead (there will be no power in modem) or it may be half dead (green light will blink). After the so many years of experience, now I can repair maximum modems / routers / gateways / wingles using the software and firmware only.


How to repair bricked Huawei E3231 Hilink Modem?


1. Download the dashboard / WebUI of Huawei E3331s-2

2. Connect your bricked E3231 Hilink modem into PC.

3. Remove any another modem, which is already connected to PC (If you don’t want brick your another dongle).

4. Run the downloaded WebUI.

5. It will detect your E3231 dongle.

6. Accept the agreement and proceed.

7. Wait till finish.

8. Now your E3231 bricked hi link data card repaired successfully.


Don’t forget to share the articles with your friends, as you have successfully repaired your Huawei E3231 Hilink modem.


  1. i try it and it successfull bring modem condition to normal. but the problem now modem cant read simcard. how to fix it?? thanks

  2. Hi,. I have done it right, and the Firmwaresoftware is OK.
    So now there is no CD in Explorer and no Modem in Device Manager.
    Led flashes green-so its not dead at all.
    I tryed to deinstall the USB Driver and install the WebManager from Explorer to get the connection, but it dont work.

  3. hello my huawei E8231s-1 is bricked after i tried to update the firmware with E8231(OMH) firmware. can you please tell me if i can use the above mentioned steps to unbrick it ?

  4. hello, sir I have Huawei Wingle EC315, it is locked by PTCL, I was flashing it and light gone, now it is not connecting to PC, it connects/ disconnects in a second, any flasher is not detecting it….
    please help


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