Recently, Hilink modems got too famous and it was totally different from the normal Huawei modems. Various people updated his Hilink modems with normal dashboard and after that they were not able to use his modem. Hilink modem technology is different from the normal Huawei modems, and one can not connect the internet after doing the mistakes. Today, I am sharing with you various Hilink Huawei modems and routers WebUI, after running in your modem, you can again utilize your modem.

Huawei E3131 Modem
Huawei E3131 Modem

WebUi / Dashboard Huawei E303s-2 normal

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3131 Bs-1

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3272s-153 Beeline (image)

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3272s-600 Altel (image)

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3276s-150 Nova

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3276s-150 OpenMarket

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3276s-150 Telenor

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3276s-210 H3G

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3331s-2 normal

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3331s-2 SaudiArabia

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E355s-1 normal

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E355s-1 Airtel

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E355s-2 OpenMarket Germany

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E5372s-32 MTS Russia

Dashboard / WebUi ISO img Huawei E3276s-210 H3G

Dashboard / WebUi for Huawei E3131s-1 Life BeST

Dashboards E303 HiLink (Web Interface)

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3131 HiLink

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3131s-1 Econet

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3131s-2 Telia

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3131s-2 Fastweb

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3131s-2 Fastweb

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3131s-6 Central America

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3236s-2 Telenor

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3236s-2 Telenor

Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E3256s-2 TunisiaTelecom

E5775s-925 WEBUI-V100R003B100D07SP00C838 Saudi Arabia Jarir Bookstore 20131202

Firmware Huawei E5151 (Windows /mac / webui)


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  1. Hi i had a E3276s-920 that was working with mobile partner but it didnt supported LTE 3/20 (UK) so i had to sell it to a country which had supported LTE bands and i bought another one this time a E3276s-150 my question is the dongle is with hilink i kinda like it but is there any kind of way of modding the firmware to for example have ussd tab so send codes and check the balance i know that there is modded hilink firmware for the E3272 i already saw it around somewhere but i needed to find out if it’s possible to mod the firmware for this dongle and if so how to do it and which options could be added



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