There are too many confusion in Huawei hi link and normal modem.  Huawei Hi Link modem firmware version starts with 22, whereas Huawei normal dongle firmware version starts with 21. Earlier I had provided solution to Repair Huawei E3276 Dead Modem Using Firmware Upgrade Free. Now, you can repair Huawei E355 dead broadband data card modem also using firmware update process. There are various firmware for Huawei hi-link and normal E355 modems are available. So, be careful while updating the firmware of Huawei E355 Wi-Fi dongle.

Huawei E355s MiFi Dongle
Huawei E355s MiFi Dongle

Recently, One person updated his E355 dongle firmware with  E355 (Beeline Russia), whereas his modem had come with firmware version : E355s-1 (Indian Open Market). As you can see that, his modem was normal and he updated the firmware file of Hi-link E355 modem (See the comments as proof).


How to repair Huawei E355 dead broadband data card dongle :


1. First of all, you have updated normal modem to hi link modem, then your modem will be not detected by Huawei Mobile Partner software.

2. Open the default web browser (Internet Explorer) and copy, paste and browse the following url in browser address bar :

Note : may be different on your dongle, just plug the modem to Windows PC and it will automatically open the address. Amend the address accordingly.

3. Now your modem will come from hi-link modem to normal modem.

4. Now download and install the latest Huawei mobile partner software in PC.

5. Now right click on My Computer (Windows XP) / Computer (Windows Vista & 7) / This PC (In Windows 8 & 8.1) and select manage.

6. Click on device manager and check all huawei drivers are properly installed. If any of them are crossed / blinking yellow colour, then right click on that and update it.

7. When every drivers will be installed properly then Download Firmware Huawei E355s-1 (OpenMarket India) and unzip in folder.

8. Now double click on unzipped file and it will detect the Huawei E355 dongle.

9. Accept the agreement and wait till firmware update.

10. After a few minutes it will be updated again from hi-link modem to normal modem.

11. Now your device is successfully repaired.

12. Now DOWNLOAD HUAWEI MOBILE PARTNER with Auto APN feature and update your E355 dongle to make voice call.


  1. i had a e355s-1 i upgraded it to new firmware on huawei india website and it failed
    now it shows error 10 port detection failedwhen i try to upgrade oor downgrade.also is not working

    • Check on the device manager, is it showing the COM port or not? Also mention that when you plug your E355 dongle to PC, what into you get. You can upload the image also for better result.

      • device manager shows only CD and memory card but not the mobile connect port.when i try to upgrade it or connect it shows port detection failed error 10

            • That means, you have flashed your normal modem with hilink modem firmware. Open the browser and try to switch to normal modem using the command which is mentioned in the article. If it will be successful then you can again flash the modem with new firmware.

              • I hv tried both thing but it does not work.also the website! is showing blank after connecting via wifi

                  • this is what i get .still modem not working but cd as well as memory card is working.also that is not working and its not converting to normal
                    are there any drivers to fix this

                    • are there any drivers helpfull.i am havng almost same issue as that guy who changed with russian hilink firmware

                    • hi kamlesh
                      my modem is working and getting detected by hilink firmware
                      can u guide me to return to normal mode.can u give me steps to reset it
                      switch project mode dont work

                    • I have used beeline russia 22.161
                      And before that I installed hilink drivers.after installing them the modem is working but not detected by mobile partner but other function are working.I used huawei modem unlockerv5.8.1b to get flash code.device manager still don’t detect but connection work fine

                    • Yes I understand it is a hilink firmware modem get detected by firmware after hilink drivers installed.plz provide steps to downgrade from hilink to normal mode command not working

                      Command revert back to this address.and does not change.I will try via dc unlocker I guess it work

                    • device manager shows only CD and memory card but not the mobile connection
                      port. When i try to upgrade it or connect it shows port detection failed
                      error 10 i used this update and now my modem half dead and dont know what to do im using windows 8.1 and istalled this driver also , its not showing com ports in device manager and dc unlocker failed to find my device also and i want to ask RAHUL how he managed to install beelink firmware, mine showing error code 10

                    • HI buddy
                      there are few steps
                      1-install hilink drivers
                      2-upgrade with beeline russia to unlock the modem
                      3-if necessary manualy change the driver name from
                      FC-Application Interface
                      FC-PC UI Interface
                      to huawei-application interface
                      huawei-pc-UI interface
                      i still havent been able to return it to complately normal but it works with hilink drivers on pc too

                    • Hi kamlesh
                      regarding this solution i have correct info here

                      1. First of all, you have updated normal modem to hi link modem, then your modem will be not detected by Huawei Mobile Partner software.
                      2. install huaweri Hilink drivers your modem will get detected
                      3. For those who see their modem locked u can install Russian beeline firmware and it will unlock your modem
                      4. if u recive error code 10 then it is your good luck so dont close that becoz you are one step from repairing your modem keep the error window open it will show the modem as below or as other 2 unkown devices so update then with same name below

                      5. open device manager if u see either then manually update them by selecting from list->>ports->>
                      FC-Application Interface update to huawei mobile connect-3g Application interface
                      FC-PC UI Interface to huawei mobile connect -3g PC UI Interface

                      6. your device will be detected and u can update to beeline firmware

                      7. then download the Download Firmware Huawei E355s-1 (OpenMarket India) and unzip in folder.
                      and it will be repaired

                      finally reset your modem after upgrade and your modem is as good as NEW

            • If not worked, then download latest version Huawei mobile partner software and install in PC, in device manager try to search new devices. If something is coming in yellow in COM ports, that means it is drivers problem, install the drivers manually.

  2. I by mistake updated my Huawei E355s-1 dongle to and web UI to I was not aware that it was meant for hi link e355. Now i cannot use Mobile Partner, the dongle is working though. I have downloaded Firmware Huawei E355s-1 (OpenMarket India) as mentioned in this post but cannot install it as the software is showing “Error 10:Find Port failed”. What should I do now in order to revert back to the previous version? Please give me a way out.

      • In Device Manager I don’t see any yellow or cross marked driver.

        Under Universal Serial Bus Controller I can see – Huawei Mobile Connect-Bus Enumerate Device and other Intel Host controller;

        Under Network Adapters I can see – Intel (R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection and Windows Mobile-based Internet Sharing Device;
        Under Ports (COM & LPT) I can see- Communications Port (COM1) and Printer Port (LPT1)
        I have tried to connect the dongle in other port but after installing usb driver it shows “Drivers cannot be installed properly.Your device might not work properly”
        How do i now install drivers in device manager separately?

          • I have already installed Mobile Partner (showing the latest version) but it does not detect the dongle. Also kindly mention clearly which port no. or name should i change because i cannot see anything like FC-Application Interface, FC-PC UI Interface or HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface , HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G PC UI Interface ,as mentioned in earlier posts, in my Device manager. I have changed the Communications Port (COM1) to Communications Port (COM5) but nothing happens;no yellow or red cross mark beside anything. Getting a bit confused as to what to do.

  3. I have the same problem as these people, my firmware upgrade failed at resuming user information when upgrading to firmware and web UI to Now the dongle only installed the CD mount driver, other drivers won’t install. Both LED on the dongle blinks, I can connect through WiFi to the dongle but the webUI won’t load. When i try it just keeps looping infinitely. Please help me out 🙂

  4. dear kamlesh i got my datacard sim port damaged in try to plug in and out micro sim adapter.datacard is out of warranty so there is any change to repair it?please help me
    model number is huawei e352


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