Winaero team has developed a new tool, the Opaque Taskbar. It works well with Windows 8 and Windows 10. Basically, it is developed for disabling or enabling the transparency of the taskbar. You might have noticed that Win 8 and Win 10 comes with a transparent taskbar.

Opaque TaskbarThe Opaque Taskbar is freeware and portable software, so there is no need to install it on your computer. Just download from the end of the article, unzip in a folder and utilize it.

There are two separate files are zipped inside a single file. One is for 32-bit and another is for 64-bit OS. Be careful in running the correct one.

If you want to disable the transparency permanently, then click on Disable Taskbar Transparency and check mark on Disable transparency at Windows startup.

Now, whenever you will restart your PC, it will automatically run in the background and will sit in the computer taskbar.

The Opaque Taskbar also allows you to keep Taskbar opaque even if the theme or Aero color was changed.

Since it is portable and freeware, so once should give a try. You can download Opaque Taskbar from here.

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