AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a freeware software designed to backup and restoring your operating system, which supports all Windows PC operating systems, including Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. In out test, it worked well with Windows 10 too.

AMOEI OneKey RecoveryBy default, every Windows OS has built-in system restore point. You can create the system restore point and further you can restore to your computer. But, in many cases, it does not work properly. Once operating system is corrupt, then you have only the solution to format the PC and install a fresh Windows operating system.

Modern branded PC and Laptop comes with OneKey recovery ISO, so if your OS is corrupt then by pressing the appropriate Key your system will be reformatted without any bootable CD/DVD. But, what you will do, if your PC is assembled or with your laptop, OneKey recovery ISO is not available or you have fully formatted the PC.

To again build the Factory Recovery Partition or to create a new Factory Recovery Partition, you will search tool like AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is only 18MB in size but works up to Windows 10 (tested personally).

It is so simple to use, download and install in the PC, for which you want to create the Factory Recovery Partition. Launch the software and click on “OneKey System Backup”. It will make the backup of your PC boot file and whole Windows installation drive.

If you are able to login to PC, but if you feel that you should restore the Operating System, then launch the AOMEI OneKey Recovery tool and select the OneKey System Recovery. Locate the file (in most cases, it will automatically detect), which you have created in early steps, and it will restore the whole operating system back.

If your computer fails to boot properly, because of the system crash or operating system found an error, you can use the factory image you backed up to return things to normal. But the way of system recovery may vary considerably according to the disk partition styles of your system.

For most of computers whose system disk style is MBR, please press “A” from the keyboard during the process of system startup. After that, your computer will be booted into Windows PE recovery environment.

Press A for AOMEI OneKey RecoveryFor those, whose computers system disk style is GPT (EFI/UEFI boot), choose “AOMEI OneKey Recovery” in the Windows boot menu. After a reboot, your computer will be booted into Windows PE recovery environment.


I will cover one more article about AOMEI OneKey Recovery, till now stay tuned and keep visiting. You can download AOMEI OneKey Recovery from here.