New Zealand Telecom has recently launched software and firmware update of his Huawei’s hi-link modem E3531, which can be downloaded from the link which is provide at the end of the article.

How to update the firmware of Telecom E3531 T-stick of New Zealand ?

1. Download the zip file and extract in a folder on the desktop of PC or laptop.

2. Make sure you have backup of at-least 30 minutes before starting the process.

3. Remove SIM card from E3531.

4. Connect device to PC USB and close all the running apps.

5. Now, no SIM inserted message will be confirmed by the default browser WebUI.

No SIM - E35316. Double Click on E3531_TCPU-V200R002B318D23SP00C00_New Zealand Telecom

7. Double Click on VER.

8. Double Click on

9. Double Click E303h-1TCPU-V200R002B318D23SP00C00

10. Double Click Software

11. Double Click E303H-1_UPDATE_22.318.23.00.00.exe

12. Now, the firmware installation will begin.

13. Click on Start.

14. Wait for appx 5 minutes to get it finish.

15. Now click on Finish button.

16. Now you have successfully updated the firmware of the E3531 hi-link dongle.

Note : Firmware update may ask you password, download universal master code and generate the firmware code from Huawei tab, according to the IMEI or comment below to get the firmware code / password.

How to update the software (WebUI) of Telecom E3531 T-stick of New Zealand ?

1. Insert E3531 in PC / laptop without SIM card.

2. Disconnect and close everything related to your data-card.

3. Double Click E3531_WEBUI-V100R005B100D05SP00C1011_New Zealand Telecom

4. Double Click VER

5. Double Click

6. Double Click WEBUI-V100R005B100D05SP00C1011

7. Double Click Software

8. Double Click Update

9. Double Click Update_WEBUI_15.

10. Now software (WebUI) update will begin, wait till finish.

Once, successfully updated, reboot the PC / laptop and enjoy the updated software.


If you have done various changes and now not able to figure out, and want to restore the default setting, then open the web-management console at and press Enter. Click System – Restore Defaults – Restore.

E3531 Hi-link Dongle
E3531 Hi-link Dongle

For unlocking of Huawei E3531 of New Zea Land refer this article.

Download Software and Firmware of Telecom E3531 T-stick (size 39.9MB)

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